Natural remedies for hair growth

Hair Care Secrets: The Best Natural Home Remedies for Your Growing Locks

The current global health crisis has hindered most of us from going to public places, even preventing us from getting beauty treatments in malls and salons. But don't worry, for you don't have to risk your health outside just to maintain your hair's condition. Even your home can become your instant salon; you can find ingredients that can serve as your natural remedies for hair growth.
Get to know the following reasons why you should go natural for your hair and discover some of the best home remedies for your growing locks.

Why Going Natural for Hair Growth Matters

Your products' various chemicals may not be suitable for your hair, mostly those ingredients in hair growth shampoos, conditioning treatments, and hair dyes. You need to treat your hair using natural remedies, which you can get and do at home. These natural ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, essential oils, and other substances, have nutrients and properties beneficial to hair growth. 
Below are some of the best natural hair growth home remedies every woman should know and follow.

Natural remedies for hair growth

Natural Remedies for Hair Growth That Every Woman Should Know and Try

1. Coconut Milk

When you squeeze coconut flesh, you can extract its milk and mix it with soups and other viands to make it richer and sweeter. However, you can use coconut milk for your DIY hair treatment. As a matter of fact, coconut milk is an exceptional ingredient in most beauty care and cosmetic products. This liquid substance is a rich source of lauric acid and proteins, nutrients that your hair really needs for hair growth. Lauric acid is a type of fatty acid that helps fortify your hair's cuticles, making it sturdy against abrasions and heat damage. As a result, your hair remains hydrated. The proteins present in coconut milk also support keratin synthesis, which your hair follicles need to thrive.

2. Lemon Juice Diluted in Water

Another popular and effective ingredient for treating hair growth issues is lemon water or lemon juice diluted in water. This solution can be used when you want to change your hair's color. Although you won't notice a significant color difference, it'll slowly help lighten your hair strands, and this effect can be rooted in lemon extract's natural bleaching properties. Lemon water also helps balance your pH level, preventing sebum overproduction and scalp issues. 

3. Honey for Hair Masks

If you want to pile up a stock of sweeteners for your beverages, you will need to include honey in your to-buy list. Natural honey isn't just a substitute for table sugar, but it can also serve as an alternative for hair growth treatments. This bee product is best known as a natural humectant for your hair and scalp. It helps coat your strands with a protective layer, thereby locking in enough moisture.
Honey is also a rich source of hair growth vitamins. Studies also show that honey has healing properties that can help stimulate cell proliferation, benefitting your hair and epithelial cells. 

4. Coffee Hair Scrub and Rinse

If you love brewing coffee, you may want to try using coffee grounds for stimulating hair growth. After the brewing process using a French press, espresso machine, or coffee maker, most people would simply throw the grounds away. However, you can still use this "waste" to scrub your scalp and nourish your strands. Coffee beans are packed with antioxidants and nutrients that can inhibit DHT-induced hair loss. When you use the coffee ground to rub your pate, you can easily remove the dead skin cells and unclog your scalp's pores. Plus, it can also help lock in your hair's moisture for proper hydration. Hence, to prevent such hair malady, use your coffee grounds to create your coffee hair rinse, scrub, or conditioner.

Natural remedies for hair growth


5. Olive Oil as Moisturizer

Another healthy option for hair growth treatments is using olive oil, an ingredient you can always find in most kitchens. This food staple contains a substantial amount of vitamin E, which means it has antioxidant properties that can protect your hair follicles against unwanted radicals. But what makes olive oil an asset for hair treatments is its high oleic acid content. This particular fatty acid can thwart moisture loss, making it advantageous for those women with thick and parched hair strands. Your scalp's sebum is produced with the help of oleic acid, and using olive oil can help stabilize the natural oils on your scalp, thanks to its oleic acid. 
So, how can you benefit from this kitchen staple as a hair growth cure? Don't worry, for you can safely slather olive oil on your hair and scalp for your massage time. You can also combine olive oil with essential oils, eggs, yogurt, honey, and other ingredients, which you can also find at home.

6. Broccoli Hair Mask

Vegetables at home can also be used as ingredients for your homemade hair treatments. For instance, broccoli, a vegetable not so loved by many (especially kids), is another healthy alternative for stimulating hair growth. Though it tastes bitter, this leafy green is jam-packed with nutrients beneficial to your hair, such as vitamins A, B6, and C, iron, calcium, and even proteins. It's also low in calorie content, which makes it another healthy option for your daily diet. 
Now, how can you use this cruciferous vegetable as a hair growth remedy? There are various methods to make use of broccoli's hair growth wonders. You can create your broccoli hair mask by mixing ground broccoli, yogurt, and carrier oil (e.g., jojoba oil or coconut oil). You can also buy cold-pressed broccoli oil in markets if you want to apply the extract directly to your hair and scalp.

7. Eggs for Hair Strength

Have you been experiencing hair breakage problems recently? If so, you may need to strengthen the quality of your hair strands. So, what can you do to remediate this issue? Let's not forget to include eggs in our list of natural hair growth remedies. People eat eggs because they are rich in proteins, especially egg whites, which can help fortify your roots and strands. In turn, your hair becomes resistant to strand breakage and hair fall. Eggs also contain biotin, an essential vitamin needed to prevent hair loss issues. Egg yolks are also beneficial in deep hair conditioning, thanks to their moisturizing properties.
Using eggs for hair growth treatments can be done in fun ways. You can use them to create an egg hair mask by mixing egg yolks with other organic ingredients like olive oil, honey, and coconut milk. Egg whites can also be separated and used to cleanse your head. Studies show that egg whites can assist in balancing your scalp's sebum production, making your hair less greasy. And, of course, you can always add eggs to your daily diet. They are easy to cook, and you can pair them with any food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

8. Jojoba Oil

If you love keeping essential oils at home, you should never leave jojoba oil out of your collection. You may have learned this particular ingredient as a popular constituent in most skincare products, such as skin moisturizers. However, this greasy wax-like substance can also be used to moisturize your hair. It's also potent in vitamin E, which your tresses really need as protection against free radical damage. Jojoba extract has fatty acids that seal and smooth your hair's roughened cuticles to prevent moisture loss, making it a healthy alternative to hair growth serums
Don't worry, for you won't have to extract its oil manually from jojoba plants. You can simply buy a bottle of jojoba oil in beauty shops, pour a few drops of it on your palm and slather the oil on your hair and scalp while massaging them. You can also use jojoba extract as a carrier oil mixed with other essential oils like coconut, olive, or rosemary oil.

9. Rice Water

This natural remedy is not only budget-friendly, but it also turns out to be an effective ingredient for your hair growth problems. Inositol is the nutrient responsible for rice water's strengthening properties. It penetrates your hair strands, making them more pliable. Rice water is also known for its sealing moisture capability, which is also why it has become a popular ingredient in skincare items. You can use rice water to remove your hair's frizz by softening the strands and intensifying your hair's sheen.
To make your rice water, rinse the uncooked rice grains first before soaking them in a bowl of water. Leave the soaked grains for 24 hours before straining the liquid. Once you're done, you can now use rice water to rinse your hair after shampooing. Let the substance sit on your hair and scalp for 30 minutes before rewashing your tresses.

Treating Your Hair Isn't Lavish.

Your hair needs tender loving care, but it doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars for hair growth treatments and products. Sometimes, all you have to do is explore your house to find ingredients that can serve as remedies for your hair. However, you should also be careful with what you use for your hair.  Don't save money on buying hair growth products at the expense of your hair's welfare. Hence, always guarantee the safety and efficacy of such home ingredients before applying them to your hair and scalp. 

Spoil Your Hair with Natural Ingredients.

If you don't have time to create your hair mask or hair growth solution, you can still spoil your hair using hair growth products made with natural ingredients. Ensure that your shampoo and conditioner are rich in hair vitamins and nutrients that can help prevent hair loss problems.