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Postpartum Recovery
Perimenopause & Menopause
Stress & Anxiety
Thyroid Conditions
Eating Disorders
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Is your hair falling out ?

Dyhidotestosterone - (DHT for short) is an active testosterone converted by the body into testosterone. In adult life, DHT causes the miniaturisation of hair on the scalp converting it back to baby hair. DHT does this by attaching to hair receptors. Hair follicles shrink resulting in finer hair - and is one of the major female hair loss causes. Compared to men, women have generally low levels of testosterone in the body versus female estrogen. However, at certain points in life, hormonal imbalance can change, leading to more DHT being produced by the female body. The most notable times for heightened DHT prodcution are during menopause, stress and postpartum recovery.

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How To Get Thicker Hair And Avoid Dht Hair Loss ?

The best way to protect your hair from excessive DHT production is to use products from the ThickTails Hair Growth Program, all of which include DHT blockers to reduce the level of testosterone that is converted to DHT and also to control the effects of DHT on the hair receptors.

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Stimulate Hair Growth & Slow Down Gray

ThickTails comes as a range of hair restoration products that contain Hyper-Anagen Complex, a blend of active ingredients to stimulate hair growth and also slow down the hair graying process. Meaning you get fuller, thicker hair with less gray and your hair colorants will last longer. Our focus is on how to make your hair grow faster and how to make hair thicker in the process.

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"This product is great. I put it on my scalp but also on the length of my hair. It is not sticky. It does not smell strong. It makes my hair shine and gives it bounce and some volume."


"Amazing! Smells so lovely and I think it’s going to make a massive different to my hair. Already started to see a difference."

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"Really worked for me my hair is definitely getting thicker and much healthier."

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"Very good product and and it smells nice."

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We believe in the power of plant based scalp treatments to improve scalp health and hair quality. No drugs, no harsh chemicals, no side effects.


It has to be simple and easy to use. No mess, no fuss, just easy to use products that fit with your daily routine.


We can’t solve every type of hair loss issue. But our PHDs lab technicians can help 1 out of 3 women that suffer from hormonal irregularities that trigger hair loss.


We want every customer to have a great experience. So, if you don’t like ThickTails, just return them anytime within 90 days for 100% no quibble refund.