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Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss: Understanding Its DHT-Blocking Properties

DHT is the name of a derivative of the male sexual hormone, testosterone. While men suffer from pattern baldness from early ages, women are not as affected, but after a certain age, as they grow old, they become affected, too. It may come as a surprise that the same substance called DHT is responsible for female pattern baldness, too. However, nothing could be easier to explain. Traces of testosterone exist in female bodies, too. Therefore, DHT is present on female hair follicles, causing them to shrink and allow hair loss. Luckily, there are remedies and one of them is Saw Palmetto.

Isn’t Saw Palmetto a gender-oriented remedy?

Saw Palmetto berries

Some may argue that using Saw Palmetto for treating hair loss in women could be farfetched, since this specific plant is known for treating male only ailments, such as an enlarged prostate, or erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, the extract obtained from this plant can be used by women, too, when they want to reduce hair loss. Why this remedy is recommended to women, as well, will be explained right away.

The way Saw Palmetto treats hair loss in women

As mentioned just earlier, pattern baldness, whether it happens in men or women, is related to DHT. Even though women have less of it, the small amount they have can affect their hair and cause it to fall. As women grow older, the amount of female hormones declines and therefore, DHT becomes more prominent, even if its particular amount does not modify. As a result, hair loss occurs.

Saw Palmetto is capable of acting as a blocker for DHT and that is its main quality in preventing hair loss. DHT is the result of an interaction between testosterone and a specific enzyme. The natural remedy mentioned here is capable of stopping this interaction from taking place. That is why this works against hair loss and it can help women, too.

Some studies have been carried on groups of male subjects, in order to test the efficiency of Saw Palmetto in preventing the appearance of DHT. The results were positive, and that is why products for hair care that include this ingredient are popular.

How should women apply Saw Palmetto against hair loss?


The best-recommended way of applying this type of remedy against hair loss is to use an oil extract containing the herbal ingredient. This extract should be rubbed onto the scalp regularly, in order to ensure that the amount of DHT is reduced.

Keep in mind that, as is the case with many natural remedies, you will have to be religious about using it on a constant basis. DHT will continue to be produced, and it will be present on your hair follicles, so the only way to stop it from making your hair fall, is to constantly fight it. Since herbal remedies usually do not have side effects on your scalp, you can safely use Saw Palmetto to get rid of the nasty consequences of DHT.

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