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11 Most Iconic Female Hairstyles of All Time

Many female celebrities have become trendsetters of hairstyles. These famous personalities have empowered women to style their locks in various colors and cuts. Several of these hairstyles remain timeless in enhancing female beauty.

If you're craving a hair makeover, choose among these 11 most iconic hairstyles of all time.

11 Iconic Hairstyles Ever Known

1. The Classic Hollywood Waves

This red-carpet hairstyle is an all-time favorite of many female superstars. Shoo your worries away, for this iconic look works with long and short hair.
Before sporting this hairstyle, gather all the necessary tools first. Find your blow-dryer, styling brush, curling iron, and thin comb. Prepare your hair using a moisturizing balm. Then, dry your hair to make your hair more voluminous. 
After the pre-styling ritual, part your hair using a thin comb. Curling your hair takes some time, so do not rush. Start winding one section of hair at a time. Make sure that each hair segment must be at least an inch thick for faster waving. Your hair waves must be curled away from your face to avoid blocking your beauty.
After curling one section, clip it for stronger curls. Remember to curl each section consistently to achieve a unified wave. Once your curls are ready, gently remove each clip and brush your hair to loosen the waves. Couple this classic wavy hairstyle with smoky eyes and red-stained lips.

2. The Audrey Hepburn Updo

Audrey Hepburn's iconic beauty remains an epitome of elegance and poise. Let's admit it: Hepburn's exquisite fashion style never wanes. Among her threshold of hairstyles is her signature look in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. This updo look paired with a cutesy tiara and elbow-length gloves will always remain an iconic appearance in the hairstyling world. 

How do you rock this sophisticated chignon? Get your hairdryer, curling iron, hair accessories, and conditioning cream. Once everything is ready, it's now time to re-create this classic look. 
First, tie your whole hair, starting using your elastic band. Make sure your ponytail must start from the apex of your scalp. Then, form a semi-circular roll on your head and secure it with another hair tie. Rotate the ends of your bun to create side bangs. Use a sparkly pin to clip your bangs properly. Adjust the width of your bun to make it more voluminous. Finish your look by wearing a mini tiara on your hair.

3. The Pixie Haircut

If you're in the mood to chop your locks, this must be the one for you. Pixie haircuts are also dominating female celebrity looks. Among these fearless women are Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, Tyra Banks, Ruby Rose, Katy Perry, Halsey, and many more. A pixie cut signifies a bold statement against gender stereotyping. Since time immemorial, long hair has far been known as the representation of a woman's femininity. A pixie cut doesn't fit the image of a lady's "ideal" appearance.  
Nowadays, the tables have turned. More women are embracing their love for short hair. The pixie cut has now become one of the trendiest hairstyles all over the world. If you want to adopt this super short-haired look, don't forget to consult your favorite stylist to discuss and achieve your desired pixie look.

4. The Crown Braid 

Every lady fancies the life of a royal princess. Reality may hit you hard, but not your hair. You can still style the princess look, thanks to crown braids.
Crown braids are perfect for beating the summer heat. Now, how do you sport your hair with a crown braid? The steps are easy and manageable. First, gather your hair supplies. Then, grab two sections of your hair and twist them together from one side of your head. Continue braiding your hair while enveloping your scalp like a crown. Keep on the braids until you reach the other side of your head. Tighten the twists using a hair tie to maintain the 'crown' on your crowning glory.

5. The 'Karen' Haircut

This iconic haircut has been ridiculed for years since the 'Karen' haircut has become the signature look of entitled white women who often ask to 'call the manager' in times of trouble. Nevertheless, this short-haired look has made waves in the world of hairstyling.
This hairstyle looks similar to an angled bob cut, with the backside hair shorter than the front and side layers of the hair. The Karen hairstyle is also notable for the additional blonde highlights for extra emphasis.
Don't get this wrong: sporting this hairstyle is okay. This A-line bob cut highlights your facial features. It's also perfect for women who hate the scorching weather. You'll also look more striking while wearing sunglasses. Thus, don't be afraid to flaunt this style. Only those people who categorize women, according to hairstyles, are considered outcasts. 

mermaid waves as hairstyle


6. The Mermaid Waves

Mermaids have far been described as beautiful long-haired mythical creatures. There long loos curly locks have been a trendy beach hairstyle for women who love the island vibes. You don't need a beach trip to style these curly mermaid waves; you can rock this look even only by wearing casual clothes.
Divide your hair into three sections. Start curling the bottom parts of your hair. Clutch the curling iron downwards while wrapping your locks around the curling wand. The thinner the curls, the more beachy waves you're going to achieve. Repeat this process with the middle and upper hair sections. Don't iron the top layers to avoid curling the roots. Set your hairstyle with a burst of hair spray to add more volume and keep the curls intact. 

7. The Messy Bun

There will always be nonchalant moments in your life, may it be living like a couch potato or lying on the bed for the whole day. The messy bun style is an iconic look for "lazy days."
Styling the perfect messy bun is not a piece of cake. It consumes ample time, depending on your hair's density and length. 
Start brushing those tangles away before gathering your locks into a ponytail. Then, wrap the ponytail around the base, creating a big hair bun. Untangle a few hair strands and place them as feathery side layers to give off an uncombed look. Keep your messy hair in place with a hairspray. 

8. The Blonde Locks

Legally Blonde's Reese Witherspoon has also become a trendsetter for blonde locks. Whether you sport a ponytail, twist some beach waves, or let your hair fall, having blonde hair will always look striking. 
Not a natural blonde? Don't worry, for you can still reach your blonde hair goals. Bleaching your hair is the first step towards your dream hair. You can take a trip to the salon for hassle-free bleaching. However, if you opt to perform the procedure, you must first gather all the necessary ingredients and tools. Make sure that your hair has been bleach-free for the last six months to ensure the best outcome. Bleaching is stripping away your hair's natural color. Therefore, never skip the toning part to get rid of the undesirable pigments and achieve your desired blonde hair. Always moisturize your hair with an effective hair conditioner and hair mask for hair restoration.

Boho hairstyle


9. The Boho Style

Vanessa Hudgens is one of the iconic Coachella superstars who look best in Boho Style. Her Bohemian hairstyle is a Coachella-favorite. With flowery and leafy accessories clipped on your long curled and braided locks, the Boho style gives off a festive vibe.

The key to a perfect Bohemian-inspired look is curling your hair. You can sport a Boho updo or braided hair with the help of your loose waves. Attach some cute flowerets for a Boho chic and wrap a colored hairband to rock this hairstyle.

10. The Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Short platinum-blonde waves give off a retro feel. The celebrity bombshell Marilyn Monroe has made this 1940s layered haircut one of the most iconic retro hairstyles. 

Prepare your locks by lathering a generous amount of styling cream or hair mousse on your hair. Then, part your hair using a thin-toothed comb. Curl the ends of each section using big rollers to create those big waves. Wait until your hair has absorbed the cream. Finish the looks with a warm blow-dry and set the curls with hairspray.

11. The Feathered Shags

The shag haircut is another timeless hairstyle. These chopped feathery layers create more volume and texture to your mane. 
The iconic shags are perfect for long, short, curly, and straight locks, and complement any facial shape. Rock this 70s layered haircut to get the tousled retro look. You can style your shaggy layers with highlights and fringes to soften your overall appearance. 
Keep those shags in place by using hair products like styling gels, hairsprays, or hair creams. Don't forget to dry those feathered strands to maintain the disheveled hairstyle.

Benefits of Sporting Hairstyles

Hairstyles can change your whole appearance; a mere change can create a life-changing impact. Therefore, do not be afraid of trying something new. Study your prominent features so that you can choose the best hairstyle for your lovely mane. 

More about Hair Growth

Sporting different hairstyles from time to time can damage your mane. To keep your hair long and healthy, use the best hair growth products. Rejuvenate your locks with the help of the shampoo and conditioner for hair restoration.