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7 DIY Hair Masks: Home-Made Recipes for Gorgeous Locks

The answer to your dry and frizzy locks is now at the tip of your hands. Scalp and hair treatments don't have to be done at salons; you can treat yourself within the four corners of your house with the help of hair masks.
Applying hair masks frequently provides a myriad of benefits for your hair. Hair masks are considered as a moisturizing and healing cure for your damaged mane. These home-made hair concoctions contain essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and proteins for healthy hair growth.
Follow among these seven do-it-your-own hair mask recipes to achieve those desirable and luscious locks without overspending your money.

DIY Hair Mask Recipes

Recipe # 1: The Eggy Hair Mask

You've read it right! Eggs are potent ingredients for hair growth. These shelled products are loaded with the protein needed by your thriving hair follicles.
Remember that the keratin protein comprises 90% of your hair. Your mane needs protein replenishment to keep the game going. One way to nourish your strands is to treat your hair with a protein hair mask, and eggs are an abundant source of protein.
Here's how to create your very own egg hair mask. Whisk the egg in a bowl. You can also mix drops of argan oil and honey to supplement more nutrients for your hair. Using a hairbrush or comb, spread your home-made mask all over your scalp. Cover your hair with a plastic wrap and wait until your hair has completely absorbed the mask.
Another option is to include bananas in your DIY recipe. Bananas are also rich sources of potassium and vitamins for hair elasticity and luster. Blend the egg with ripe bananas to create a creamy hair mask. Spread the buttery hair treatment all over your scalp. Wrap your head with a shower cap and wait until your hair has fully absorbed all the needed nutrients from the mask. Rinse your hair with shampoo and water.  

Recipe # 2: Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Coconut's extract is one of nature's greatest blessings to humanity. This natural oil is an active moisturizing agent for your strands. Because this extract is enriched with fatty acids and Vitamin E, using coconut oil as your main ingredient will never let your hair down.
You can lather extra virgin coconut oil onto your hair, or you can opt to mix it with your other favorite ingredients. This magical hair booster has antimicrobial properties which defend the scalp against excess sebum production, bacteria-causing dandruff, and scalp infections.
Coconut oil is an adequate substitute for hair conditioners. Apply a generous amount of the oil and massage your hair with it for a few minutes. Rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Don't limit yourself from creating your hair potion. You can also combine coconut oil with the other plant-based ingredients to boost hair nourishment.

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Recipe #3: Avocado Yogurt Hair Mask

Not only avocado and yogurt are savory treats to our palate, but they are also healthy ingredients for a home-made hair mask.

The avocado fruit is known to strengthen your locks. It is a rich source of Vitamins B and E. The vitamins in the avocado oil stimulate cellular growth and improve your hair's elasticity.

Meanwhile, natural yogurt is an excellent source of protein rejuvenation. Yogurt is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals essential for hair restoration. Applying an ample amount of this dairy product revitalizes your dull-looking hair. 

Now, why don't we combine the hair-boosting benefits of avocado and yogurt? In making an avocado yogurt hair mask, scoop the ripe avocado flesh and mix it with plain yogurt using a food processor. Once the mixture is smooth and creamy, your avocado yogurt hair mask is good to go!

Tenderly rub your scalp for at least five minutes to distribute the nutrients provided by this avocado-and-yogurt hydrating mask. 

Recipe # 4: Honey Lemon Hair Mask 

This sweet-and-sour combination provides more than a burst of flavors. Both honey and lemon provide benefits for hair restoration.

Honey, as a hair ingredient, acts as a hydrating agent for your mane. It locks in moisture, thereby preventing water loss. Keeping your hair moisturized also maintains your mane's natural luster. This bee product also stimulates cell growth. Studies show that honey's ability to boost epithelial cell growth is beneficial for your hair follicles.

Your hair needs more than rehydration; it also requires a daily dose of cleansing agent. Lemon juice helps to eliminate extra natural oils on your scalp, thereby preventing clogged pores and dandruff accumulation. The lemon extract also keeps your pH level in check. 

To create this unique hair mask recipe, scoop at least two tablespoons of natural honey and pour it in a bowl. Then, squeeze some lemons to extract three tablespoons of its juice. Whisk the honey-and-lemon combination until thick and smooth. Spread the mixture on your scalp and leave it for half an hour. Then, wash it away with your favorite hair growth shampoo. 

Recipe # 5: Olive and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

If you aren't a big fan of olives on your pizza, then this hair treatment might change your perspective about these stone fruits. 
Olive is packed with antioxidants, thanks to its oleic acid. Its antimicrobial properties also prevent your scalp from infections and irritations. Its extracted oil helps fight hair loss.
How can you use olive oil as a hair mask? First, pour a quarter cup of this stone fruit extract into a bowl. Then, add two tablespoons of pure coconut oil. Whisk the two essential oils together before lathering the hair mask on your mane. Wrap your hair using a warm towel or plastic wrap for half an hour. Don't forget to rinse your hair very thoroughly.


Recipe # 6: Creamy Strawberry Hair Mask

Strawberries are the perfect treats for your thirsty locks. They are packed with ascorbic acid to prevent oil build-up on your scalp. The pinkish-colored hair mask is visually pleasing to the eyes, and the fruity aroma smells relaxing!
To create your DIY strawberry hair mask, you can use store-bought or freshly picked strawberries for your hair treatment. First, blend at least 5-6 strawberries. You can add more slices depending on how much you want to spread all over your scalp. Then, pour half a cup of plain or Greek yogurt and blend it with the strawberry puree. You can also add drops of coconut oil or jojoba oil for extra hydration. Once you are done mixing, massage each section of your hair using this creamy strawberry hair mask. Let it stay for thirty minutes before cleansing the cream-based mask. This hair mask will give you a scented, lustrous, hydrated, and oil-free hair.

Recipe # 7: Rosemary-infused Argan Oil Hair Mask

The seventh hair mask recipe is primarily composed of plant-based extracts. This hair treatment is perfect for those battling against hair loss.
Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the argan fruit. This organic ingredient is packed with Omega-6 fatty acids, which are vital to follicle production. You can also get a daily dose of Vitamin E from this essential oil to keep your hair cuticles well-coated.
On the other hand, rosemary oil comes from rosemary herbs, usually found in a home garden. This essential oil is a famous hair loss cure. With the help of its antioxidants, rosemary oil fights against cell damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties also keep your follicles healthy and stable. The extracted oil has the capability of restoring the nerves underneath the hair shaft.
Infusing rosemary oil with argan oil is beneficial for your hair and scalp. This natural hair mask provides impeccable nutrients and moisture for your hair strands and follicles. Simply spread a generous amount of this oil mask and softly massage your head. Don't forget to lather the oils to distribute vitamins and minerals evenly from roots to ends. Applying this personalized hair mask maybe a greasy procedure, so don't rub too much oil on your scalp. Let your scalp absorb all the essentials for at least 30 minutes before shampooing and rinsing it.


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Hair Mask Benefits

No magic spell can instantly sustain your hair's healthy growth. You need to supply your mane with all the essential nutrients to keep it long and healthy. Creating your customized hair masks will not only treat your hair right, but it also saves you from expensive salon treatments. 
Why should you pamper yourself with hair masks? Applying these healthy hair mask treatments help you to relax. Relaxing decreases your body's stress hormones, thus prevent you from experiencing hair loss. Massaging your scalp with your home-made hair mask also stimulates proper blood circulation, which promotes follicle growth. 
Therefore, don't deprive your mane of experiencing the best and healthiest treatments. Use hair masks every week. Don't forget to include natural and safe hair mask ingredients to sustain your hair growth goals.


Can't get enough of hair masks? Don't disappoint your hair. Get enough nutrients to keep your mane healthy and strong. Check out some of the best shampoo and conditioner products supplemented with hair vitamins.