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The Awakening Truth about How Caffeine Benefits Your Hair

Are you fond of sipping your favorite coffee or tea? If you have been recently hooked on drinking any of these two, it is totally understandable. Many people cannot jump-start their day without drinking a cup of Joe or tea. Both of these beverages have become staple drinks in households, restaurants, stores, and even offices. Coffee and tea are also perfect treats for both hot and cold weather.
What makes drinking coffee or tea so addicting? First, the public loves both refreshments for their unique and savory tastes. Your coffee or tea in a cup can either be sweet, bitter, or a mixture of both, depending on the person's taste preference. As a matter of fact, these beverages' variants have been created to satisfy different palates from diverse countries.
Second, you become wide awake and more alert after sipping on a cup of coffee or tea. Both act as energizers because they contain caffeine, an energy-booster that helps you survive your hectic day. In reality, caffeine is the underlying reason for your fondness of drinking beverages like coffee and tea. 
What is the mystery behind caffeine, and how does it affect your health? Discover more about caffeine and learn about its health benefits.

Caffeine: The Ultimate Energizer

Your favorite coffee and tea contain caffeine, a popular psychoactive drug that acts as a stimulant. Its most prominent effect is preventing drowsiness by inhibiting adenosine from acting up in your system.
Studies also show that caffeine has a slew of health benefits to offer. According to a group of Japanese researchers, caffeine is said to be a memory enhancer. Another set of investigations reveal that caffeine can also detoxify your liver and colon, thus decreasing cancer development. You also need caffeine to strengthen your heart muscles, thereby improving your cardiovascular health. 
There are various benefits that you can gain from drinking a caffeinated drink. Besides improving your physical health, caffeine is also known to stimulate hair growth and maintain your locks' healthy condition. Thus, this particular advantage has made caffeine a widely used ingredient in most hair care products.

Hair growth benefits of caffeine

How Caffeine Benefits Your Beautiful Locks

How does caffeine affect your hair growth? Find out more about caffeine and its promising benefits on your locks.

1. It perks up your blood vessels for healthy blood flow.

Blood circulation is vital in hair follicle nourishment, for your follicles depend on your blood's successful delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Caffeine works by dilating your blood vessels, allowing enough blood to pass through and reach your follicles. As a result, more follicles grow healthier and longer hair shafts.

2. It inhibits DHT from causing hair growth problems.

The super-testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the most threatening enemies of your locks. DHT targets your hair follicles and shackles them until they are too small to survive and thrive. 
However, caffeine has proven effects against DHT-induced hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia. AGA is a type of alopecia triggered by the excess androgens attacking your hair follicles. Caffeine works by creating a barrier that protects follicles against androgen impairment, thus avoiding abnormal hair shedding.

3. It is a powerful antioxidant that keeps free radicals away from your follicles.

Oxidative stress can drive free radicals to impair your hair cells, resulting in sparser and slower hair growth. Thus, every hair care product must be loaded with antioxidants to ensure your hair follicles' safety against free radical damage. Thankfully, caffeine's antioxidant properties can avert hair-damaging repercussions. 

4. It excites your hair follicles, which speeds up the hair growth cycle. 

If you aim to have longer and fuller-looking locks, your hair needs a healthy dose of caffeine. Since it is an energizing stimulant, caffeine instigates adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in hair cells, thereby giving them more energy to grow during the anagen phase. Thus, your hair shaft extends faster, giving you the Rapunzel-like hair that you deserve.

5. Your hair roots get bigger, giving your shaft an elongated and thicker look.

Caffeine can grow your hair roots bigger, which enhances nutrient and water absorption. In turn, these roots can generously sustain your hair cells, thereby helping your strands to elongate quickly and grow healthy.

6. It fuels your follicles with nutrients, keeping your hair frizz-free and lustrous.

What happens beneath your scalp will always be reflected by your hair's outward appearance. Caffeine works by healing what's underneath the pate to rejuvenate your shaft's texture and luster. As a result, your hair becomes smoother, shinier, and thicker than ever.

7. It keeps your hair away from any hair loss condition.

Of course, with caffeine's myriad of benefits, you can prevent losing your hair strands. Caffeine helps your mane by stimulating hair growth, protecting your strands as well as moisturizing them to give you the healthiest-looking hair that you'll ever have.

Where Can You Get Caffeine?

You can get your caffeine dose from many plant-based sources, with coffee beans as the most prominent one. With that, coffee becomes your number one go-to source of this energizing stimulant. Besides coffee, you can also get caffeine from tea leaves, cacao beans, soda beverages, and energy drinks. 

how to use caffeine for hair growth

Various Ways to Treat Your Hair with Caffeine

If caffeine is indeed beneficial to your locks, how can you use it to promote hair growth? Here are some helpful tips for using caffeine in enhancing your tresses.

1. Drink your brewed coffee every day.

Nothing beats drinking your favorite cup of Joe. Coffee is your richest and healthiest caffeine source, which you can easily brew and imbibe anytime and anywhere. Whether it's hot or iced, you will still get a kick out of this ultimate caffeinated drink. However, don't go overboard with adding sugar on your coffee to avoid other health-related issues.

2. Enjoy your day with a warm cup of tea.

If you aren't into coffee-based drinks, drinking tea beverages can still caffeinate you. Tea leaves are also loaded with at least 3.5 % caffeine, keeping you awake, alert, and enthusiastic. Your tea can come in different colors: green, black, yellow, or white. However, if you want your cup of tea on another level, matcha green tea will be perfect for you.

3. Create a hair scrub from ground coffee beans.

Using ground coffee beans as a scrub is a restorative scalp treatment. Not only does scrubbing remove your scalp's dead skin and gunk build-up, but it also stimulates healthy blood flow for your follicles. 
To create your coffee hair scrub, combine your ground coffee with any essential oil you like. Keep on mixing both ingredients until the paste becomes consistently thick and creamy. Once the scrub is ready, gently exfoliate and massage your scalp for at least ten minutes. After rinsing your hair with lukewarm water, your head will feel lighter, and your hair will smell invigorating.

4. Treat your hair with a tea-infused hair mask.

Hair masks are your go-to treatments for dry and dull-looking locks. Rest assured that caffeine can help you solve your dehydrated-hair problems. Create your DIY hair mask concoction by mixing a bag of green tea leaves with egg yolk, natural honey, and plain yogurt. You can also add a few drops of your favorite hair oil for extra moisture. Then, generously slather the mask on your hair, from roots to tips. 

5. Wash your hair with a coffee or tea rinse.

Time may not permit you to laze off while enjoying your hair mask treatment. For a quick fix, you can hydrate your locks with a coffee or green tea rinse.
To make your caffeinated hair rinse, steep some coffee beans or green tea leaves with hot water for a few minutes. Let the liquid cool down first before using it. Then, carefully pour the brewed solution on your hair after shampooing and conditioning it. Squeeze out the excess liquid, and leave your caffeinated hair until it becomes dry. 

6. Use best-caffeinated hair growth products.

Creating your homemade hair treatments can be tedious and time-consuming. If you're a busy bee wanting your daily caffeine dose for your hair, use caffeinated hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and serums. You can add coffee or tea extract to customize your hair care favorites or buy caffeinated hair growth products in beauty shops.

Caffeinate Your Hair.

Your knowledge about haircare must never be limited. Therefore, be open-minded enough to accept new hair treatment methods, such as using caffeine as part of your hair care regimen. 
Face each day with excitement and energy. In doing so, your hair must be energized and revitalized with caffeine to keep up with your life's hustle and bustle. Caffeine will not only get you ready to commence your day, but it will also gear up your follicles for healthy hair growth.

Satisfy Your Locks.

Are you not happy with your hair's current condition? If yes, your mane might not be satisfied with your haircare treatments. Therefore, make your locks more rejuvenating by using a caffeinated hair thickening shampoo. Keep your hair satisfied by using the best hair growth products