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Horsetail: What Is It and How Does It Benefit the Hair?

Growing your hair is not as easy as it seems. Your hair can be picky when it comes to hair growth products. Thus, you must always be careful with the ingredients of the products you buy and slather on your tresses. 
Besides shampoos and conditioners, consuming hair vitamins have become a thing in the haircare industry. Many people especially crave for these hair-boosting supplements because of their healthy components.
However, a particular ingredient known as the horsetail has made waves in the making of hair supplements. Horsetail is different from a horse’s tail, but you can make your locks as beautiful as a horse’s tail using horsetail plant.
What is horsetail, and how does it improve one’s health? Discover more about this ancient fern ingredient and its health benefits.

The Tale about Horsetail: What is Horsetail?

The field horsetail, commonly identified as horsetail, is a member of the fern brethren. You can find this perennial plant growing in the cold areas of the northern hemisphere. For centuries, horsetail has been widely used as an herbal remedy. Its extract is potent in minerals, such as calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. You can also get a load of phytosterols from horsetail extract.
Studies show that this potent extract has a lot of therapeutic benefits. Horsetail is used to treat kidney-related problems, such as urinary tract infections and kidney stones, and bone and joint diseases. Besides its healing properties, horsetail is also said to be a game-changer for hair growth. Its extract is powerful and compelling enough to give you the healthiest locks ever. 

The hair growth benefits of horsetail

Hair Growth Wonder: Horsetail and its Benefits on Your Hair

What’s the connection between horsetail and hair growth? Investigate more about horsetail and its kicking benefits to your hair.

1. It stimulates collagen production, which is beneficial for your hair.

Each strand is an output of keratinization, which happens when the keratin protein toughens and forms your skin, hair, and nails. This synthesis needs many amino acids to make the process successful. Thankfully, another protein called collagen always comes to the rescue. Since collagen is your body’s most abundant protein, your hair can get many amino acids, especially proline, to build and strengthen your hair’s structure.
To augment your body’s collagen production and pave your way towards healthy hair growth, you need the horsetail’s hair-boosting power. This herbal plant is loaded with silica, which can improve the biosynthesis of collagen in the body. With both collagen and keratin, your hair strands will grow thicker and more robust.

2. It can relieve scalp infections and inflammations.

Have you been scratching your head nonstop due to extreme itchiness? If so, you might be suffering from a scalp condition, such as dandruff. Don’t worry, for horsetail’s extract can impede bacteria and fungi from causing itchy and flaky scalp problems. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also prevent lymphocytes, your body’s cell warden that cause rashes, bumps, and acne on your scalp. Thus, horsetail essential oil can curb the chance of losing your hair strands.

3. It can ward off free radicals that can destroy your hair follicles.

Your hair is not entirely dead. As a matter of fact, hair cells thrive underneath your scalp. These cells are responsible for receiving nutrients and growing your hair strands. Therefore, your locks need defenders, such as antioxidants, to protect your hair’s living part against damage. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from invading and shrinking the cells enveloping your hair follicles. 

4. It prevents DHT-induced hair problems. 

Testosterone is an androgen that promotes hair growth. However, too much testosterone can lead to the creation of dihydrotestosterone. This androgen by-product endangers your hair follicles by binding to their receptors and miniaturizing them. As a result, these follicles die, and hair shedding occurs.
Fortunately, horsetail’s extract is enriched with phytosterols, plant-based compounds that can stop DHT formation. These plant sterols can inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha reductase from transforming testosterone into its potent form.

5. It can regulate your blood sugar levels.

Don’t you know that high glucose levels can adversely affect your hair growth? Your hair needs enough supply of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals, which you can get from your red blood cells. However, a surge in your blood sugar for a prolonged period can hamper blood circulation, which isn’t good news for your cardiovascular health. It can damage your blood vessels, thereby depleting the blood supply flowing towards your follicles. As a consequence, your hair growth cycle gets disturbed, and you experience hair loss problems.

6. It is jam-packed with vitamin B-5 (panthenol), which keeps your locks hydrated.

Water retention is essential to healthy hair growth, which vitamin B-5 or panthenol can provide for your hair. This vitamin acts as a humectant that coats your hair cuticles, thereby locking enough moisture for your mane. In turn, your hair is also protected from heat and pollutant damage.

Here's the exciting news: horsetail is an abundant source of panthenol. Thus, using horsetail extract for your hair treatment will keep your locks in excellent condition.

7. It stimulates hair growth to help you achieve your hair goals.

The nutrients and antioxidants present in horsetail extracts can excite and protect your follicles at the same time. Thus, the hair growth benefits mentioned above are enough to promote thicker and healthier hair growth.

Safety Check: Is Horsetail Safe as a Hair Growth Ingredient?

When applied topically, horsetail is safe as a hair growth remedy. You can rub horsetail’s essential oil on your scalp to let your hair roots absorb its nutrients. In fact, horsetail extract is a popular ingredient in many hair growth items. 
Besides being a hair care component, horsetail can also be included in your everyday diet. You can brew your favorite tea and ingest some hair supplements with horsetail extract. Thus, it is safe to use its essential oil as a hair growth wonder.

hair vitamins with horsetail extract

Treatment Time: How Can You Use Horsetail to Promote Hair Growth?

Now that you’ve known the benefits that horsetail has to offer, learn the different ways of using this powerful ingredient to stimulate hair growth.

1. Herbal Horsetail Shampoo 

A good shampoo doesn’t have to be super foamy to be considered a useful product. Thus, if you want to provide the best for your hair, opt to use herbal shampoos with horsetail extract.
Get your share of nutrients from herbal horsetail shampoos. Not only do these products provide your hair with nourishment, but they also contain toxic-free ingredients from Mother Nature.
To make your homemade horsetail shampoo, steep a bag of dried horsetail with hot water and leave it overnight. The next day, filter the brewed horsetail until you get all the liquid. After that, combine the horsetail infusion with aloe vera gel, fenugreek seeds, vegetable glycerine, and argan oil in a container. Then, blend the mixture to make your shampoo solution less viscous. Pour the liquid in a vessel and voila, you can now slather your DIY horsetail shampoo on your hair.

2. Brewed Horsetail Tea

Drinking a cup of brewed horsetail tea can hit two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy your relaxing day while sipping on horsetail’s hair growth benefits. Horsetail tea is also perfect for lazing around since it’s caffeine-free. 
How can you make your organic horsetail tea? The process is so easy that you can even close your eyes while making one. All you need to do is to steep fresh or dried horsetail leaves with hot water for at least five minutes. Once the brewing is done, you can enjoy your fresh cup without worrying about having “bad hair” days.

3. Horsetail Hair Growth Serum

If you want to revitalize your hair’s inferior quality, you can opt to use horsetail hair growth serums. Horsetail extract’s moisturizing properties will revamp your strands’ texture and make them more lustrous simultaneously. Its vitamins and minerals will also strengthen your locks, thereby keeping your hair away from hair loss problems.

4. Horsetail-infused Hair Mask 

Imbibing on your brewed horsetail tea goes perfectly with having a hair mask treatment, for it can target your follicles and deeply nourish them. Besides horsetail essential oil, you can also add other hair-boosting ingredients, such as natural honey, egg yolk, and coconut oil, to create your hair mask recipe. Spread the concoction from the roots to tips for the even distribution of moisture and nutrients.

5. Hair Growth Vitamins with Horsetail

If time does not permit you to relish your horsetail-infused hair treatments, you can still reap horsetail’s hair growth benefits by ingesting hair vitamins. These supplements provide nutrients both for your hair and your overall health. 

Regrow and Revitalize Your Hair with Horsetail.

Your hair will always desire to be in its superb condition. Thus, don’t be afraid to try something new for your hair, as long as it’s beneficial, safe, and healthy. Gain the benefits of horsetail and witness its most promising hair growth results.

Make Your Life More Exciting.

Are you bored with your lifeless hair? Make your life more exciting by sporting the best locks ever. Use hair care products loaded with vitamins for hair growth. Don’t forget to consume your daily dose of hair vitamin supplements to obtain horsetail’s growth-stimulating nutrients.