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Rosemary Extract – Benefits and Uses for Female Hair Growth

No one likes losing their hair, and, while men are more affected by hair loss as they advance in age, women tend to suffer more since they feel like they are losing their beauty. Among the natural extracts you can use for combating hair loss and stimulating the growth of healthy, beautiful looking hair, you will find rosemary extract, which is used as a remedy for various conditions and ailments. Let’s see how exactly rosemary extract can help women fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Your hair follicles are stimulated by rosemary extract

Your hair follicles have two important tasks to do. They are responsible for growing hair and for maintaining the one you have, and when both these processes are hindered by various factors, you experience hair loss. Rosemary extract is known to be very beneficial for your hair, since it is capable of stimulating hair follicles, making them stronger. As a result, your hair will grow stronger, too and you will not have to worry about hair loss.

The use of rosemary extract based hair care products is associated with reducing premature graying of your hair. This happens as you age, and while it is not a reversible process, just like hair loss, it can be reduced in intensity with the help of natural treatments like this one. If you are a woman showing early signs of premature hair loss, you may find rosemary extract a wonderful ally in combating it.

Dealing with a dry scalp

A dry scalp, affected by dandruff and unsightly flakes, can benefit a great deal from regular treatments with rosemary extracts. What you need is to mix a few drops of rosemary essential oil with other varieties, such as tea tree and basil oil, and rub this mixture onto your scalp on a regular basis. Besides the positive effects of the massage that will help your scalp rejuvenate and have more nutrients brought to your hair follicles, the use of rosemary extract will nourish your scalp, as well.

Rosemary extract treatments for hair growth

There are different ways for using rosemary extract to stimulate hair growth. First of all, it is recommended to pour a few drops of this essential oil into your shampoo and wash your hair daily with the new improved formula. In case you want to rely only on a natural solution, you can make your own rosemary extract shampoo. This is obtained by seeping dried rosemary leaves in boiling water and storing it away to cool afterwards. The rosemary water obtained is then mixed with castile soap to obtain a natural shampoo you can use as often as you like.

Daily massages with rosemary oil mixed with other varieties, like jojoba oil, are helpful, too. Your scalp will be well stimulated and rejuvenated, capable of producing new healthy hair. Hot oil treatments are also indicated, as they do not work only on the scalp, but they will also nourish your hair from its roots to its ends, helping it regain its natural shininess and vitality.

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