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Laser Combs for Hair Regrowth: Do They Work?

Nowadays, people have been living in the hustle and bustle. Because many individuals have tight schedules, they tend to neglect their health and well-being. They may not also do whatever they want because of their limited time. Thus, researchers, engineers, and inventors have created machines and tools to make life more convenient for everybody.

Treating your hair loss problem also takes so much time before you can redeem your mane's pristine condition. That is why many busy bees often ignore the early signs of alopecia. 
Ease your worries, for you can solve your hair loss problem without the need to attend sessions in a dermatology clinic. Laser combs are made as anti-hair loss devices that you can use even in the comfort of your own home. 
However, a lot of consumers are still anxious about this home treatment. Do laser combs really work effectively against alopecia, and how do these devices stimulate hair growth? If you're curious about laser combs, read more to learn about these medical devices and their effects on your locks.

Laser Combs, The New Devices for Hair Regrowth

Laser therapy has been a popular procedure against hair loss. This clinical procedure involves using a laser to target and cure hair loss issues. However, this treatment requires a few sessions, which can be a hassle for busy bees. 
Thankfully, laser combs have been created for everybody's convenience. This type of technology uses low-level light or red light to target your hair follicles and promote hair regrowth. You can utilize these therapeutic devices, just like how you use a regular comb or brush. However, you have to turn it on before brushing it on your hair and scalp.

benefits of laser combs for hair regrowth

Benefits 101: How Laser Combs Promote Hair Regrowth

How do laser combs encourage hair growth? Get to know the advantages of handling these laser devices to treat your hair right.

1. It promotes good blood circulation for follicle nourishment.

Just like any organ in the body, your hair also needs sufficient oxygen and essential nutrients to grow, thrive, and survive. In this case, using laser combs as treatment can target and dilate your blood vessels, allowing enough blood to pass through and deliver the necessary nutrients for your hair follicles.

2. It can stimulate cell proliferation for hair growth.

Cells make up every tissue and organ in the body. For instance, at the base of every hair follicle's bulb resides thousands of living hair cells that thrive for your shaft's elongation and thickness. Studies show that using laser treatment can increase cellular production in your hair follicles, thereby promoting longer and thicker hair growth.

3. It prevents your locks from growing sparse and brittle.

Thinning hair and strand breakage are evident manifestations of a hair loss problem. But don't worry, for your declining shafts can still be saved by revitalizing your follicles with vitamin, mineral and protein nourishment. As mentioned above, you can use laser combs to ensure that your follicles get ample oxygen supply and nutritional sustenance, resulting in thicker and healthier hair strands.

4. It repairs your damaged scalp tissues and hair cells.

Oxidative stress and hormonal imbalance are some of the reasons why your hair cells get damaged. By brushing your hair with a laser comb, you can save these cells on the brink of death. Light from laser devices re-energize and unclog your follicles to seize the miniaturization activity. Laser combs can also speed up your damaged hair cells' healing process and even your impaired scalp tissue. As a result, revived follicles can grow newer and healthier strands than before.

5. It involves a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment.

If you're scared of undergoing surgeries, laser treatments are perfect for you. Unlike hair transplants, using laser combs is a non-surgical procedure. Since you don't have to go under the knife, it is considered a non-invasive and painless process that can still offer you benefits for hair regrowth.

6. It excites your follicles in the anagen and telogen phases.

There is a solution for treating alopecia caused by a disruption in the hair growth cycle. Using laser combs can invigorate the anagen follicles by providing more energy for shaft growth and elongation. The laser is also efficient in stimulating hair regrowth since it can precisely hit and awaken the dormant follicles in the telogen stage and prepare them for the anagen phase.

7. It involves no chemicals during the treatment.

Many hair growth products that assure promising results for hair growth are loaded with chemicals. But with laser combs, it's a guarantee that it's a chemical-free and safe treatment since you don't have to apply or slather any liquid on your shaft and scalp. 

8. It makes your hair grow fuller, longer, and healthier.

Frequent use of laser combs can effectively hit the targeted follicles to stimulate their production of healthier and thicker hair strands. Healthy blood flow as a result of the laser treatment also contributes to your follicles' excellent condition. Using this device also restores your hair growth cycle's average span, thereby prolonging anagen follicles for shaft elongation and hastening telogen follicles for hair regrowth.

9. It also helps distribute the natural oils from roots to ends.

Laser combs are designed to look and function like regular combs. Hence, brushing your hair with this device also promotes sebum production, starting from the hair roots down to your tresses' tips. This natural oil distribution keeps your locks moisturized, protected, smooth, soft, and lustrous, giving you a healthy-looking hair.

10. It minimizes your hair loss problem with convenience.

You can easily use laser combs just by turning it on and stroking the device on your pate. They are also portable enough to be used anytime and anywhere. Thus, you no longer need to ditch work just to attend your treatment session.

Does Using Laser Combs Have Downsides?

Despite the advantages of laser combs, some may still be hesitant in trying these laser devices. Learn about the downsides of undergoing laser comb therapy and how to deal with them.

1. The hair growth efficacy may vary depending on how you use the device.

Unlike undergoing a low-level light therapy, you don't need a medical practitioner to use laser combs. When you purchase this laser device, you are given a manual on how to operate it. However, not everyone can quickly master the technique of using this apparatus. Some may experience significant changes, and some may not feel any hair growth spurt. Thus, implementing laser comb treatment can be tricky and challenging.

2. Improper usage of laser combs can worsen your hair's condition.

Using laser combs is a self-practice treatment. Thus, if it is not correctly executed, it can adversely impact hair growth. Your hair follicles might be irritated, causing their miniaturization and death. As a result, you may experience significant hair loss changes.

3. Laser combs are more expensive than shampoo and conditioner products

If you think that purchasing shampoos, conditioners and serums are too much for your hair care regimen, think again. In reality, these hair growth products are far more affordable than laser combs. Therefore, you must start saving up if you opt to use this device as hair growth treatment.

Laser combs for hair regrowth

Do Laser Combs Work for Hair Regrowth?

Using laser combs provide many hair growth benefits. It's also a convenient and safe treatment for your locks. However, laser comb technology has some drawbacks. There is still a necessity for extensive researches to prove its efficacy in treating alopecia.
Do laser combs work for hair regrowth? These devices may be a little bit expensive than other anti-hair loss items, but they can promote hair growth and regrowth. However, they must be adequately and continuously implemented to achieve promising results. It would also be best to seek the help of a hair care expert or dermatologist about your hair loss problem and know whether a laser comb should be used or not.

Laser Combs Are The Present and Future of Anti-Hair Loss Treatments.

Your busy life may not permit you to achieve your hair goals instantly, but it's not reasonable to neglect your hair's condition. Start your hair growth treatment by observing a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious meals, applying effective anti-hair loss products, and using laser combs. By including this laser device in your hair care regimen, you will never have to wait a long time for hair to grow back. Therefore, use laser combs as early as possible, for they are the present and future of anti-hair loss treatments.

Say 'No' to Hair Loss.

How do you prevent losing your hair strands? First, it is essential to learn the hair loss causes to address the problem. Second, don't solely rely on laser comb devices. Go to your favorite beauty shop and select the best hair growth products that will keep your locks long and healthy. Also, use the best shampoo for thinning hair to intercept the early signs of alopecia. With proper diet and care for your mane, saying 'no' to hair loss is a piece of cake.