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Hair Care Movement: 9 Ways to Speed Up Your Hair Growth

Do you want an upgrade for your short locks? Well, lengthening your tresses may consume an ample time, and it may hamper your dream hair makeover. If your patience meter is already at its limit, follow these nine ways to accelerate your hair growth.

1. Break off from hair dyes.

Hair growth depends on the substances your hair absorbs. You might not be aware of the hair-damaging chemicals found in your bottle hair products. Many manufacturers manipulate consumers by using the term "all-natural." Don't just check the label; check the list of ingredients. Here are some of the chemicals your hair needs to avoid.

Hair dyes are famous perpetrators of hair damage. Women resort to dyeing their locks for several reasons. Excessive exposure to these bleaching and coloring products is far more dangerous than what they think. Among its most harmful chemicals are p-Phenylenediamine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and synthetic colored pigments.

P-Phenylenediamine or PPD is the leading ingredient found in permanent hair dyes. This chemical is responsible for adding hair to your hair. However, studies show that high levels of PPD can cause severe irritations such as dermatitis, eye irritations, and even anaphylaxis (an extreme case of allergic reaction).  

On the other hand, ammonia allows the pigment to infiltrate your strands by opening your hair cuticles. These openings can dehydrate your strands, causing dullness and breakage.  

Hydrogen peroxide is another culprit responsible for lightening your hair. By bleaching your hair with peroxide, it allows the dye to replace your hair's present color. This chemical triggers cuticle damage, leading to split ends and strand breakage. 

Beware also of your hair dye's artificial color pigments. These synthetic ingredients can cause adverse effects both on your hair shaft and hair follicles. The color molecules can penetrate deep into your scalp and cause adverse chemical changes.

2. Treat yourself with hair masks.

Don't deprive your hair of getting the best treatment it deserves. Hair masks gratify hair restoration. Using hair masks means lathering your mane with unique ingredients for hair strengthening and moisturizing. 

What are some of the best hair mask ingredients for your hair mask? Coconut oil tops the list of ingredients you should eye. This top-tier essential oil contains fatty acids that penetrate your hair and stimulate nutrient absorption. It's also a natural conditioner against hair dryness.

Honey is also a gold standard of natural ingredients. Scientific studies can attest to honey's ability to stimulate epithelial cell growth within the hair follicles. This ambrosial ingredient also takes part in moisture retention. It also makes your hair look more lustrous and thick.

Green tea is also a big helping hand for hair growth. Its extract is rich in antioxidants called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, known to reduce DHT production. Various studies also back up the underlying effects of this antioxidant. EGCG prevents hormonal activities from affecting hair follicle growth.

3. Indulge in scalp massages.

Applying your personalized hair mask goes well with massaging your scalp. A scalp massage stimulates proper blood circulation. It allows blood to reach and revitalize the underneath part of your follicles. A 2016 study also showed an amplified activity of growth-boosting genes among women after receiving scalp massages. Massaging your scalp is also a soothing way to de-stress yourself, thus lower your stress levels. Lessening the stress-induced DHT helps your follicles to get enough nutrients for growth.

Having a scalp massage doesn't have to be expensive. You can gently massage your scalp using your fingertips, even with your hair dry. You can also give your pate a massage while shampooing your hair. Rubbing some essential oils or hair growth serums on your scalp during a massage is also recommended to allow nutrient absorption. If you're running out of time, get your scalp massage from a certified hair therapist. 

shampoo and conditioner

4. Never forget to apply hair conditioner regularly.

Among your hair care essentials is your hair conditioner. Shampooing your hair removes the unnecessary oils in your scalp. But sometimes, excessive shampooing can quickly dry out your hair. Therefore, frequent application of this product keeps your tresses moisturized. Hair conditioners also secure the damaged parts of hair cuticles, preventing strand breakage. A well-conditioned hair is also easily manageable, thereby rejecting the need for vigorous brushing.

5. Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Studies have linked alcohol consumption to hair loss. First, drinking too much alcohol dehydrates your body, causing some hair strands to weaken and fall out. 

Second, drinking alcohol can cause sleep disturbances. You can either lack sleep or have too much sleep. Once your sleep cycle gets disrupted, your body releases stress hormones, which can trigger hair loss. 

Lastly, alcoholic beverages are acidic. When your body's acidity spikes up, proteins become the sacrificial lambs to balance your pH level. Once proteins like keratin get depleted, your strands start becoming dull and brittle. Therefore, minimize gulping boozes if you want to help your hair to achieve its best condition.

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6. Brush your hair with tender loving care.

Some women ignore the importance of choosing the best comb for their mane. A key to growing hair is using the right kind of hairbrush to caress your locks. 

Many brush variants cater to your haircare demands. Use a detangling brush to smoothen your wet or dry hair. It will prevent split ends and strand breakage. On the other hand, use a round hairbrush to give a voluminous, bouncy look to your hair.

Brushing your hair also keeps your hair moisturized. It helps in distributing the natural oil produced by your scalp. The gentle sensation from combing your hair also stimulates blood circulation, which promotes hair growth.

How can you brush your hair with TLC? First, don't brush your hair for a hundred times. Too much combing can weaken the hair strands and cause hair breakage. Second, always practice gentle brushing. Forcibly raking your comb through your hair can lead to unnecessary hair fall. Lastly, always disinfect your hairbrushes to avoid product build-up and bacterial infection within your scalp. 

7. Include fish oil in your regimen.

Contrary to its name, fish oil doesn't smell or taste fishy. As a substance extracted from fatty fishes, fish oil is renowned for being the most abundant source of Omega-3. This essential oil is also known as an aid against female hair loss. Various studies show hair growth improvement among women who have taken fish oil supplements.

Omega-3 stimulates hair growth in various ways. First, its anti-inflammatory properties invigorate hair follicle regrowth. It opens up these follicles, allowing more strands to pop up. It also helps in hair growth stimulation by multiplying the derma papilla cells under the hair follicles. Omega-3's primary fatty acid known as docosahexaenoic acid or DHA plays a vital role in hair growth. During the hair's life cycle, DHA helps prolong the anagen phase and slow down the telogen stage. 

For faster hair growth, you must add abundant sources of Omega-3 such as mackerel, salmon, tuna, and sardines in your diet. You can also gobble fish oil supplements to increase the Omega-3 levels in your body. 

8. Fill your plate with nutritious foods.

The way to your hair's heart is through your stomach. Anatomically, your hair doesn't have a heart. However, feeding yourself with nutrient-rich foods will keep your mane "alive" and healthy.

What foods must be included in your diet? First, eat a sufficient amount of protein-rich foods like fish, meat, and dairy products. These sources will contribute to the keratin production in your body. It would be best if you also satisfy your vitamin needs by consuming fruits and vegetables. Lastly, fill your plate with foods rich in energy-producing carbohydrates. Hair production needs energy, so do not limit cut off carbohydrates from your diet.

9. Use the best hair growth shampoo for your mane.

Nothing beats a woman using the best hair growth shampoo for her locks.  Shampooing your hair provides a clean environment for your hair strands. Washing your hair with shampoo cleanses your scalp and prevents excess oil from accumulating on your shaft. It also impedes dandruff production and scalp infections.

How can you determine the best shampoo for your hair? First of all, check the ingredients. Treat your hair with a drug-free shampoo. Avoid those products filled with toxic chemicals. Ensure that your shampoo is also supplemented with the necessary hair vitamins, minerals, and oils for healthy growth. Also, do not simply grab any bottled shampoo from the beauty corner. Select the shampoo intended for your hair growth issues.



The best way to hasten hair growth requires you to walk on many pathways. Growing your hair is no easy task. Time constraints, tight budget, and limited options might hinder you from treating your hair with TLC. However, with your dedication, effort, patience, and of course, your hair growth products, you'll achieve your hair goals in no time.


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