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Food Matters: 9 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Most advertisements have affected our perception of having perfect locks. These ads are also fond of assuring consumers of promising growth results by applying their products. But, people should first know that a key to healthier hair growth begins with proper nutrition. Below are nine foods that will revitalize your hair growth.


1. Whey Protein

Consuming whey protein is hitting two birds with one stone: weight loss and hair growth.

Your protein-made hair needs regular replenishment to maintain its health and growth, and you need abundant sources of this hair nutrient. Studies show a lack of protein in your body can lead to hair loss. 

When your body is in dire of protein, you are also deficient with several amino acids responsible for various metabolic processes in your body.

Don't worry, because whey protein is ready to serve your hair. Whey is one of the two primary proteins found in milk. You can extract whey as a by-product during cheese manufacturing. 

How does whey protein help to make your hair grow faster and healthier? Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Whey protein's amino acid named cysteine is said to boost antioxidant production in the body. 

Include whey protein into your diet by adding this supplement in your protein shakes or any other meals.

2. Eggs

Eggs can be your answered prayer for protein replenishment. This shelled animal produce is densely packed with vitamins and proteins healthy for your mane. 

These food essentials contain high levels of biotin, which retain the keratin structure in your strands. Eggs are also rich in B-vitamins, which help in fortifying the roots. 

Specifically, the egg yolks are rich in lecithin, a type of fatty substance known to help your skin's moisture retention. This moisturizing substance also provides your strands the protection against damage from chemical substances and harsh external conditions. 

The egg whites contain the highest amount of protein. They also contain antimicrobial enzymes that can keep your shaft free from dirt. If your hair feels oily, egg whites can curb your scalp's oil production without drying your mane. 

To get the combined results, you must eat and use whole eggs. You can also use fresh eggs for your DIY hair masks and personalized shampoos.

3. Fatty Fish

Your hair must not get enough protein; thereby, you need to feed yourself with protein-enriched foods as much as possible. Fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna are available in local supermarkets. They are jam-packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These fishes are natural sources of fish oil, known to provide ample benefits for the hair and overall health. 

What does this dietary supplement do to hasten hair growth? Your body does not produce Omega-3. Fortunately, you can obtain these fatty acids by taking in the fish extract. Fish oil is known to stimulate hair follicle growth. The extracted oil is also a hair growth stimulant, thanks to Omega-3's primary fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid. Studies show that DHA plays a significant role in increasing the protein-related cells in your body. 

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4. Avocado 

Guacamole dips are not the exclusive clients of the avocado fruit. This vitamin-loaded food is a rich source of Vitamin H or biotin. Avocados can also replenish your need for Vitamin E, a booster for antioxidants. 

What makes this fruit a hair growth essential? The extracted oil is known to provide moisture and luster for your hair locks. Vitamin B6 also controls your scalp's sebum production, thereby conditioning shaft, and strands. Avocado is also pumped with Vitamin B6, a natural nutrient for hair color restoration. A 2007 British journal published the power of B6 and azelaic acid as DHT blockers. 

These green stoned fruits are also power-packed with Vitamin K to replenish hair growth. Potassium regulates cellular functions in the body. Sodium and potassium have a special relationship. High sodium levels can increase blood pressure, while potassium does the opposite.


5. Spinach

This green leafy vegetable strengthens the famous character Popeye, and it also toughens everyone's hair. Spinach is packed with favorable nutrients for your hair. With the help of its antioxidants, spinach can protect your hair and scalp from damaging radicals. 

Iron is another nutrient you can get from eating spinach. This magical nutrient is a major booster for blood circulation, which delivers oxygen down to the roots. Thanks to iron, your hair follicles can thrive well.  

You can grind spinach leaves and mix it with other essential oils. Once combined, simply lather your spinach concoction on your scalp. If you've got no time, just munch on some spinach just like Popeye!

6. Mangoes

Including this tropical fruit on the list may sound unusual, but eating mangoes can benefit your locks in many ways.

This fleshy yellow fruit is a treasure of various vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, and K, all of which are beneficial for your mane. 

So how does this golden summer fruit affect hair growth? Mangoes are loaded with Vitamin C, known to boost collagen building for healthier hair. The antioxidant properties found in mangoes also protect your mane from free radical damage. 

Mango hair masks can provide favorable results to your hair. You can liquefy the fleshy part of the fruit and mix the mango puree with other natural ingredients such as essential oils, yogurt, egg yolks, aloe vera, and fruits like bananas, papaya, and berries. 

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7. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are appetizing treats — easy to crack and munch away. These snacks are not only packed with flavors, but they are also loaded with hair-enriching nutrients. 

How can pumpkin seeds increase hair count? These salty seeds contain unique fatty acids. Oleic acid is a yellow oily substance that backs up the regular sebum production in your scalp. Meanwhile, linoleic acid is a colorless oily constituent that increases your hair's elasticity. Both of these fatty acids help to curb hair dehydration.

According to research, the extracted oil from pumpkin seeds can alleviate androgenic alopecia (AGA) among men and women. The pumpkin seed oil also includes 5-alpha reductase blockers.

How should you include pumpkin seeds in your diet? You can garnish the seeds on your salads and snacks. If time permits, you can also use pumpkin seed oil as your salad dressing, or mix it with your customized hair mask. If not, you can satisfy your appetite by cracking some pumpkin seeds.

8. Blueberries

Not only do blueberries make your cheesecake tastier, but these pebble-sized fruits also make your hair healthier. These berries contain proanthocyanidins, which can directly affect your hair follicles. These chemical compounds actively promote cell growth within your follicles and speed up the hair cycle, converting telogen to anagen again.

Blueberries are also abundant in Vitamin B12 or cobalamin. This vitamin is vital in red blood cell production. Though your strands are considered "dead" because of keratin, your follicles are full, awake, and alive. Without B12, your RBC won't be able to reach and nourish your follicles with oxygen.

These plump berries are so popular that they are even used as ingredients for hair growth shampoos, conditioners, and masks. 

Instead of munching over salty chips, grab a bowl of fresh blueberries, and enjoy your healthy snack and hair growth benefits.


9. Nuts

You won't go nuts when you eat nuts, but you'll give your hair a big favor. Nuts are overloaded with protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. You might go nuts if you try to eat every single type of nuts, so here's a breakdown of the healthiest nuts for your crowning glory.   A is for almond nuts. Almonds can give you a punch of essential fatty acids. These chemical compounds stimulate proper blood circulation.   B stands for Brazil nuts, which are among the most popular nut species. These buttery shells contain a sufficient amount of selenium, a chemical element known to solve thyroid disorders. Studies also show selenium's contribution to cell growth. Brazil nuts are densely packed with antioxidants.    C is for cashew nuts. Cashew is a powerhouse of multiple hair growth benefits. These dietary sources are rich in antioxidants as well as proteins. The extracted oil can also be used for scalp cleansing and pigment production. Lathering cashew oil will give your hair the extra shine and color it deserves.   H is for the aromatic hazelnuts. Aside from being a favorite coffee flavor, hazelnut can be your scalp's great friend. Its extract, rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, helps prevent scalp dryness and irritation.   P represents pistachio nuts. Pistachio is a popular ice cream ingredient, but it is also in-demand for being a hair supplement. Pistachio nuts are rich in iron, Vitamin E, and magnesium, all of which are needed for healthy hair growth.  


It doesn't matter whether your hair is different from the others; these foods are beneficial for your locks. Nourishing yourself with sufficient vitamins, minerals, and proteins will help your hair to prosper. Leave no stone unturned, and try all these nutritious foods.


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