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The Best Essential Oils for Menopausal Support

It's not stress-free to deal with hormonal problems during the menopausal stage. There will be days when you'll feel as if the world is against you. There will also be times when your happiness will be overflowing. But most of all, you will get to experience various changes in your body from time to time. Thus, mitigating all the possible and adverse menopausal effects is deemed necessary so that you can fully enjoy your 40s and 50s.

One practical and healthy way of alleviating menopausal symptoms is to use essential oils. These plant-derived substances are loaded with nutrients that can fight off the signs of menopause. You can use these therapeutic oils for aromatherapy and topical treatments, making it easier to target different menopausal symptoms. Learn more about the best essential oils that can support you throughout your menopausal journey. 

6 best essential oils for menopausal support

6 Best Essential Oils to Support You in Your Menopausal Journey

You are not alone during this challenging phase in your womanhood. Here are the best essential oils that can support you on your way towards menopause.

1. Peppermint Oil

If you're searching for a natural ingredient to save you from the adverse effects of menopause, you need to get a hand of peppermint oil. This essential extract, which comes from the peppermint herb's leaves, tops the list of therapeutic substances because its minty fragrance and flavor have many proven benefits for your physical and mental health. 

Peppermint oil is known to relieve constipation, a common after-effect of hormonal fluctuations during the menopausal transition. Your female hormones influence gastrointestinal functions; thus, estrogen decline can affect your bowel movements. To relieve your constipation problem, you can use peppermint oil. Its antispasmodic properties can ease intestinal muscles, making it easier for digested food to pass through and be excreted by the intestines.

Women in their menopausal phase can also experience headaches, dizziness, migraines, and even nausea, which you can blame for hormonal imbalance. Thankfully, you can relieve all these symptoms with peppermint oil's invigorating aroma.  

A decline in your estrogen levels during perimenopause can also prompt an increase of androgens, which can induce androgenetic alopecia. But don't worry, for you can treat this hair loss problem with peppermint oil. According to research, this minty extract can profoundly inhibit the 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme responsible for DHT production. Thus, dabbing a few drops of peppermint oil can make you feel relaxed and treat your menopause-induced hair loss at the same time.

2. Chamomile Oil

If you aren't a fan of peppermint oil's minty flavor and scent, you can try using chamomile oil instead. Chamomile oil smells sweet like apple slices and woody like fresh herbs. This extract also comes in two varieties: German and Roman chamomile oils, with German chamomile being a potent chamazulene source. This chemical constituent contributes to chamomile oil's anti-inflammatory effect. Using chamomile oil can alleviate skin irritations and hair growth issues since it can prevent the swelling of dermal, epithelial, and hair cells.

Drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea after a relaxing massage is often recommended since it helps relax your nerves and give you a sense of relief. Chamomile oil's sedating properties can immediately relieve anxiety and stress often experienced by perimenopausal women. 

Dry skin is also another common issue during the menopausal phase. So, if you're one of those suffering from menopausal skin issues, you can simply rub a few dabs of chamomile oil on the affected areas. Chamomile oil is loaded with fatty acids that maintain your skin's elasticity and moisture retention.

3. Clary Sage Oil

When your hormones act up, it can affect your mood and make you anxious, but you can curb stress and anxiety with clary sage oil. This extract comes from the floral plant clary sage (Salvia sclarea), which is also a traditional herbal remedy for eye problems. Clary sage oil's refreshing scent makes it a prevalent ingredient in aromatherapy and topical treatments. 

What makes this essential oil unique is its capability to suppress menopausal symptoms such as stress fluctuations, prevent menopausal depression, and cure hair loss issues. 

First, inhaling clary sage oil's aroma signals your brain to lower blood pressure and stabilize your body temperature, giving instant relief, especially for your menopausal hot flashes. Second, it also acts as a potent natural anti-stressor. It can lower the cortisol levels in your body, thereby preventing the onset of depression and anxiety. 

Third, clary sage oil is also helpful, especially for your hair growth problems. It has antimicrobial properties that can curb any skin and scalp inflammation. And of course, this essential oil is loaded with phytoestrogens, which can regulate your hormones and restrain other menopausal symptoms.

6 best essential oils for menopausal support

4. Lavender Oil

During perimenopause, most women find it difficult to sleep soundly at nighttime. Other menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, palpitations, and night sweats can disrupt your sleep. In some cases, women have insomnia due to these symptoms, causing a ripple of other health issues. 

Therefore, to treat your sleeping problem, it would be highly recommended to use lavender oil, a prevalent ingredient in aromatherapy. This essential oil is extracted from the minty lavender plant (Lavandula Angustifolia), which is why it smells super fragrant. This intoxicating aroma calms your nerves, allowing you to enjoy a good night's sleep. It's also perfect for providing you a soothing sensation whenever you're feeling tired, stressed, or irritated.

Besides reducing your sleeping problems and mood swings, lavender oil has also been a popular treatment for hot flashes. According to a 2016 study by the Chinese Medical Association, almost all female participants who used lavender oil for weeks as aromatherapy had a significant reduction in hot flash severity. It can also calm you down, stabilize your heart rate, and make you feel more relaxed during a hot flash occurrence. To reap lavender oil's benefits, you can use an aromatherapy diffuser or dab a small amount of this essential on your skin if you want to inhale this essential oil's sweet-scented smell.

5. Citrus Oil

Fruity scents are also in demand for aromatherapy. For instance, citrus oil or an orange peel extract has become a well-known ingredient for providing menopausal relief. It can prevent mood swings, treat acne problems, and enhance even your sexual life.

Mood swings have been a rampant symptom during your menopausal phase. But with the power of citrus oil, its sweet and fruity fragrance can soothe your mood, thereby switching from being irritable to a happier and more relaxed disposition.

Experiencing mood changes isn't the only problem that you will encounter. As you enter the menopausal stage, your libido also decreases. Studies show that inhaling this zesty fragrance can stimulate and increase your sex drive, making you sexually active even in your late 40s and early 50s. 

Though not as common as hot flashes or mood changes, some women also experience acne breakouts during perimenopause due to hormonal fluctuations. You can use citrus oil against menopausal acne, for it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities that can prevent bacterial growth and soreness on your skin. You can mix citrus oil with another carrier oil and spread it on the affected parts, but don't overdo it, for excess oils can clog your pores and worsen your acne instead.

6. Geranium Oil

Hormonal imbalance is the primary factor triggering menopausal problems, but you can stabilize your hormonal levels with geranium oil. This plant-derived extract comes from the steam-distilled leaves of geraniums or cranesbills (Pelargonium graveolens), which grow in temperate and sunny regions in Europe and South Africa. Geranium oil may be a less popular essential oil, but it does have proven benefits for menopausal relief. 

Geranium oil has geraniol and citronellol as its main components, with the former being a potent antimicrobial repellent and the latter being an energy booster. Diffusing this essential oil into the air kills airborne bacteria and gives off a rosy and citrusy scent, which can be very relaxing and revitalizing at the same time. 

You can also use geranium oil's moisturizing properties to alleviate your dry and irritated skin, another common problem that most women encounter during perimenopause. Geranium oil helps trap moisture while working on its job of protecting your skin against microbes and inflammations.

Essential Oils are Essential for Menopausal Support.

Your menopausal journey will be rocky, for you may experience drastic changes in your mood, weight, skin, and even hair growth. However, you can still make your trip steady with the help of natural essential oils. These plant-derived substances will not only make you feel better, but they will also provide nutritionally and offer benefits for menopausal symptoms like hair loss. Make your menopausal journey enjoyable and worthwhile by including essential oils in your everyday self-care routine.

Essential Oils Aren't Enough for Menopause-induced Hair Loss.

Using essential oils is indeed useful for improving hair growth, but it's not enough to save your locks from menopause. It's also crucial to apply the best hair growth products on your hair and supplement your body with hair vitamins to ensure your hair's excellent condition and prevent your hair from falling out