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Eyebrow 101: 9 Ways to Make Your Eyebrows Thicker

The Eyebrow Trend

Eyebrows are facial features every woman deems important. The eyebrow obsession goes its way back to Cleopatra’s era.

For women, having thicker eyebrows is a beauty feat. Bushy brows give you a youthful, sophisticated aura. Thus, various eyebrow rituals have been created and tested for beauty enhancement.

Your eyebrows are not only present for aesthetic purposes. Your brows protect your eyes by redirecting sweat and moisture drops towards the side of your face. However, some drips of sweat may touch and stay on your eyebrows, which can impede eyebrow hair growth.

Your eyebrows have hair strands, just like what grows on your scalp. Therefore, you need to nourish those brows to maintain its bushy business. Here are nine ways to make your eyebrows thicker.

1. Use almond oil.

Women always eye for powerful, yet natural hair growth ingredients and essential oils belong in their list.

The popular almond oil is an extract from almond nuts. This oil has a well-known reputation for being an eyebrow serum. But how does this nutty ingredient cultivate hair growth?

Almond oil contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals for hair growth. This beauty enhancer is rich in fatty acids, which are required in synthesizing keratin.

You can also obtain heaps of Vitamin E from this beauty oil, which can provide you with antioxidants against hair loss.

This extract is also a moisturizing agent. It helps to create smoother and softer eyebrow strands. Almond oil also contains oleic and linoleic acids, which keep your strands standing strong.

You can directly apply a small amount of almond oil on your eyebrows, or you can use eyebrow serums enriched with this nut-based essential oil.

2. Apply coconut oil

Another all-time favorite cosmetic ingredient is coconut oil. As an extraction from coconut meat, this essential oil is perfect for keeping those brows soft and thick. Coconut oil is brimming with vitamins and minerals, which are ideal for hair growth.

What does coconut oil contain? It contains fatty acids that stimulate hair growth. Moisturizing your brows using this coconut extract also helps your follicles to fight against sebum build-up.

To absorb as many nutrients as you can, you must dip your applicator in a container of extra virgin coconut oil and lather it on your eyebrows.

3. Include aloe vera in your eyebrow regimen.

Oils are not the only ingredients that offer hair growth for your beautifully arched brows. Aloe vera is also a bonafide eyebrow booster. This gel-like ingredient is soothing and effective for thickening eyebrows.

Your brows can easily absorb aloe vera, thereby allowing you to apply this ingredient for several times.

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera soothe your follicles. It also curbs the overproduction of natural oil. Applying aloe vera also stimulates the blood circulation underneath your brows, thus promoting healthy hair growth.

How do you use aloe vera for eyebrow treatment? You can scrape the aloe vera gel from its plant, and massage those brows with this non-sticky ingredient.

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4. Soap your eyebrows.

Don’t be shocked. Yes, brow soaps exist. However, these bars of soap are more than cleansing agents. Brow soap is used to give your eyebrows a voluminous look.    What you need: brow soap, water and mascara spoolie. First, grab your spoolie then rub it into your bar of cleansing soap. Next, brush your eyebrow hair using the spoolie to give your brow its fluffy look. Don’t use any regular soap. Ensure that your eyebrow soap contains glycerin to ensure your skin’s balanced pH level and prevent irritation.   Instead of applying brow gels for a thicker look, you can resort to using an eyebrow soap. However, filling in your eyebrows might not be the best idea to go with eyebrow soaping. The pencil's pigment might not last on your brows.    

5. Never stop moisturizing your brows.

  Water retention is vital to hair growth, and losing moisture can push your hair to become dry, dull, and brittle. Never miss the eyebrows whenever you moisturize your face. Not only does moisturizing soften the strands, but it especially strengthens the skin underneath your brows.   What are the best moisturizing agents for your brows? Essential oils are effective moisturizers for your brows. You can also lather aloe vera gel or petroleum jelly if you opt not to use oily substances. When you do your facial skincare routine, don’t forget to damp some moisturizing lotion or cream on your eyebrows. Just remember not to overdo moisturizing to prevent clogged pores.

6. Massage your eyebrows. 

Make your hair follicles satisfied by supplying them with enough nutrients. How will you do that? Massage your eyebrows. Not only does it feel good, but it primarily promotes good blood circulation. A relaxing massage helps your hair follicles to receive enough oxygen, vitamins, and minerals for hair growth. 

This eyebrow treatment will not cause you any penny unless you splurge on the best essential oils for your eyebrows. Using your fingertips, gently rub your eyebrows in circular motions. You can also softly pinch them for increased blood circulation. You can choose to apply essential oils like almond oil and coconut oil while massaging your brows.

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7. Avoid hair removal.

Ladies tend to remove the unwanted strands around their brows to give themselves a set of perfectly arched eyebrows. However, hair removal methods can wreck your hair growth. Applying a hair removal cream helps in weakening and losing hair strands by destroying their keratin structure. On the contrary, this type of cream can also break down the keratin on your skin, thereby causing irritations.   Also, never shave your brows. The surface around your eyes is fragile, and shaving tools can damage your skin. It would be best if you are gentle enough not to scratch or cut your skin while shaving.    Waxing is another alternative way of removing stray hair strands, but it can also be damaging to your skin. The waxy substance can be harsh on the surface, which can also cause allergic reactions.    Plucking is the cheapest and easiest way of saying goodbye to extra eyebrow strands. You can use tweezers to pull the unwanted away. However, be careful not to pluck too much hair, for constant hair removal also signals your follicles to grow thinner strands and trigger hair loss.   Do not forget to sanitize your hair removal tools. Your eyebrows are susceptible to bacteria, and these microbes can damage your hair follicles, leading to skin infections and even hair loss.

8. Minimize makeup application.

Shaping your eyebrows is a delicate process, and it even eats most of your prepping time. This step is crucial, most especially if you have bald spots or thin strands on your eyebrows. However, too much makeup can also hamper your eyebrow growth.

Brow gels are widely used to keep the strands in place. But applying too much of this gel-like substance can make your eyebrow hair dry and brittle. 

Makeup tools such as brow pencils and crayons can also deter healthy brow hair growth. These sharp brow-shaping tools can be abrasive for your skin. Pressing the pen too much weakens your hair strands. Therefore, if you opt to use a brow pencil, choose a much-pigmented version. You don’t want to keep on stroking the pen while damaging your skin at the same time. 

You don't have to halt applying makeup just to save your eyebrows. However, you should never skip removing brow makeup at the end of the day. No matter how exhausted or lazy you are, you must always cleanse your face, including your eyebrows. This skincare step will save you from clogged pores. Use a mild makeup cleanser or wipes to get rid of all the products on your face. Gently wipe the dirt and makeup away to avoid irritating your skin.

9. Nourish your brows with an eyebrow serum.

Reach your eyebrow goals with the help of an eyebrow serum. Every woman eyeing for a flawless eyebrow look must have this essential hair growth booster. How does this crystal-clear substance promote hair growth? Eyebrow serums are rich in peptides. These chemical compounds are necessary for stimulating hair follicle growth.

What are the perfect serums for your eyebrows? Eyebrow enhancing serums must be loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. Choose a biotin-enriched serum to excite your hair follicles. Serums with essential oils also help to condition and thicken hair growth.


Maintaining perfect eyebrows is no easy task. The presence of your brows is not solely made for beautification. They are made to safeguard your eyes from damage. Eyebrows also serve as a medium of expression. Thanks to your eyebrows, you can communicate your emotions. 
Thus, always give your brows the extra love and care they need. Protect them from damaging factors and nourish them with the best hair growth nutrients.


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