How to layer cut your hair at home

DIY Tips: How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair at Home

This pandemic has caused people to develop anxiety in public places. In fact, it’s also risky to go out leisurely, for you can get infected without the knowledge and may end up infecting other people. Unfortunately, people need to abide by the protocols, sacrificing their wants and needs for the common good.
However, people should not disregard their mental health. One way to keep yourself happy and sane during this pandemic is to feel confident about your appearance. Women can dress up pretty clothes, wear makeup, and sport new hairstyles to keep themselves happy.
To avoid going into salons, you can learn how to cut your hair. In fact, there are various platforms where you can find tutorials and learn tips on how to layer cut your hair even in the comfort of your home. Layered haircuts help get rid of dry hair and split ends, give your hair a thicker and healthier look, and make you look years younger.
What are the different steps and ways to layer cut your hair, and what are the dos and don’ts in cutting your hair at home? Find out more tips on how to layer cut your tresses and take care of your hair.

Different Types of Layered Cuts: What’s The Most Suitable Style for You?

Before you start holding a pair of shears and snip those hair strands away, you should first consider the most suitable layered haircut for your tresses. Here are some things you need to ponder before you get your hair chopped.

1. Hair Length

Your preference in hair length is significant since it will affect your whole appearance. Most layered cuts are short-length or shoulder-length haircuts, such as bobs and lobs. You can also opt for a V-shaped layered haircut if you don’t want to give up on your Rapunzel-like tresses.

2. Facial Shape

Your facial shape also determines the fate of your layered haircut. Women with a square-shaped face will look great on short layered bobs. On the other hand, those with rectangular-shaped faces can sport layered cuts with fringes and bangs. Women with oval-shaped faces who want to maintain their long hair can still have minimal layers for extra texture. As for the ladies with diamond-shaped faces, a layered cut is fine as long as they don’t cut too short.

3. Hair Texture, Density, and Thickness 

Your haircut should also suit and improve your hair’s texture, density, and thickness. If you’re suffering from thinning hair problems, you may opt for a flimsy layered bob cut. Meanwhile, curly-haired women can help emphasize their curls with a puffy layered bob.

Things You Need for Cutting Your Hair at Home

What Things Do You Need for Your Self-Haircutting Journey?

You will need the following tools so that you can layer cut your hair at home.

1. A pair of shears or scissors

You are not required to buy a pair of cutting shears used by hairdressers but having one would make it easier to chop your hair. However, if you don’t have professional shears, you may stick to a pair of right-handed trimming scissors. Make sure that your shears are also sharp enough to cut through your hair. 

2. A wide-and-fine-toothed comb

Using the right kind of comb is vital in haircutting. Brushes help distribute the oils on your hair and scalp while detangling the frizzy or curly strands. However, wide-toothed combs are far more effective in untangling your wet hair, especially during a haircut session. On the other hand, fine-toothed combs are useful in parting your hair, especially for haircutting and hairstyling. Hence, having a combination of the two comb types will be convenient for you.

3. Spray bottle of water

To keep your hair in place for easier and faster trimming, you will need a spray bottle of water. All you have to do is to spritz the water on the portion of your hair before cutting it.

4. A cape or any large protective cloth

You won’t love having hair strands sticking on your skin and clothes after your haircut. Hair can be itchy. Therefore, you will need to cover your body with a barber’s cape or any large cloth. 

5. Wall and hand mirrors

Unless you are a pro, you will need a wide mirror to check your progress while cutting your hair. Without a big mirror, you won’t be able to part your hair correctly or ensure that you’ve clipped the correct section. A wall mirror helps you monitor your haircutting, while a hand mirror comes in handy to check the back of your hair. Both mirrors help you avoid experiencing any hair fiasco.

How to Layer Cut Your Hair at Home

The Path Towards a Layered Haircut: How Can You Layer Cut Your Hair at Home?

Here are the essential steps to follow when cutting your hair into layers.

Step 1: Wash and dry hair before the haircutting session.

Rinsing your hair with shampoo helps get rid of your hair and scalp’s greasiness. It’ll also make it easier for you to hold your hair securely while trimming the sections. Don’t forget to dry your hair with a towel before jumping into the action.

Step 2: Part your hair into sections. Never cut your hair carelessly.

Despite the layers having different lengths, it is still of utmost importance to part your hair into sections for even distribution of layers, which means that the layered portion on the left should also be of the same length as your hair on the right side. Form a “box” on your head, dividing your hair into four sections. The first section extends from the apex to the forehead. On the other hand, the hair on the sides starts from the crown towards the ears and nape.

Step 3: Wet, clip, and trim those hair sections.

Before stepping into the trimming game, damp your hair with a bottled spray. This technique will help your strands stick together, making it easier for you to snip those ends. Clip the sections on the left, right and back sides so that you can cut the front section atop your forehead without any disturbance.

Step 4: Start trimming the front section of your hair.

Wet the first section of your hair on top of the apex of your forehead. Lift the unclipped hair so that you can see where and how to cut your hair. Hold the wet hair between your fingers while trimming the section according to your desired length. However, make sure to cut your hair in an angular shape for natural-looking layers.

Step 5: Trim the left and right sections.

After trimming the front section of your hair, remove the clips on your left side, lift the hair section and snip those ends with an angular shape. Do the same thing on the right side. Then, bring those two sections down to check if both layers are aligned. Trim it again if one side is uneven.

Step 6: Trim the back portion.

It would be best to trim your hair's back portion to achieve a finished layered look. Face a mirror, unclip the back section, and lift the hair strands so that you can easily see your hair while trimming the ends. Avoid cutting the back hair too short to avoid ruining the layered haircut.

Step 7: Check the layers for uneven cuts.

Once you’re done with layering your hair, you have to ensure that the layers complement each other. If you’re not satisfied, you can still go shorter by further trimming the ends. Then, part your hair according to your preference or the look that you aim to sport.

Shortcut Haircut: Hair Hack in Layering Your Tresses

If you don’t want to undergo the hassle of dividing your hair into sections, you can still layer cut your hair easily and quickly. First, sport a ponytail on the crown of your head. Bring the ponytail down, where you can see it in front of your face. Then, tie the end of your ponytail with another elastic band where you want your hair to be aligned. After that, trim the ends horizontally after the second ponytail band. Remove the tie and gently brush your hair to examine the layered cut. Once everything has been set, your newly-cut layered hair is good to go!

Preserve Your Layered Haircut with a Good Hair Care Regimen.

Learning how to cut your hair can help you prevent sickness and save some bucks during this pandemic. However, mastering this skill isn’t enough; you need to maintain your layered hair’s healthy appearance by practicing a good hair care regimen. Keep your layers soft and smooth by using hair growth conditioners and apply some hair growth serums for more durable and longer locks.

Rock any DIY Haircut by Having Healthy Tresses.

Any haircut becomes even more noticeable when your hair looks bouncy and lustrous. Make it possible by using only the best hair growth products with hair vitamins and DHT blockers to ensure the best quality for your locks. Learn more about the best shampoo for thinning hair and hair thickening shampoo so that you can flaunt any haircut and style with pride and joy.