benefits of acerola cherry powder for hair

Acerola Cherry Powder: Does It Work for Hair Growth Improvement?

Since time immemorial, people have sought remedies from flora, may it be shrubs, nuts, or fruits. Likewise, they have found potential in small-sized fruits such as berries and cherries that have lived up as small but terrible fruits. These fruits may be tiny in size, but they are distinguished prospective ingredients that will improve your hair’s current condition. 
For instance, acerola cherry and its powder form have been ringing bells in the hair care industry lately. They are also seen as potential constituents for shampoos, conditioners, and even serums. But the questions are: what does acerola cherry really have to do with your hair, and does it improve hair growth quality? Find out what this special ingredient can change the course of your hair care journey.

Checking on Cherries and Berries: The Origin of Acerola Cherry Powder

It is crucial to know its origin first before learning the exact benefits of this ingredient. Acerola cherry or Malpighia emarginata is a tiny fruit that grows abundantly in the Southern part of Mexico. However, acerola cherries are not what they are named for but are, in fact, berries.
But how do you turn these juicy-looking cherries into powder? First, these fruits are dried to get rid of the softness. Most manufacturers use a dehydrator to dry out these cherries, but if you’ve got no dehydrator, you may opt to sun-dry or even freeze them. Once the fruits have dried and hardened, you may use a mortar or pestle to pulverize the cherries, but you might want to use a grinder to keep the powder as fine as possible.
You are now aware of where it comes from and how it is produced. This time, let us get to know acerola cherry and its powerful hair growth benefits.

benefits of acerola cherry to hair

The Hair-boosting Power of Acerola Cherry Powder 

How can acerola cherry in different forms (extract or powder) help promote healthy hair growth? Here are some fun facts that one should know about the power of acerola cherry powder for hair growth and regrowth.

1. It is concentrated with vitamin C.

All hair care brands recognize vitamin C as an essential nutrient for hair and skin health. Acerola cherries are top-tier sources of vitamin C. In fact, acerola cherry powder has become well-known for being the “vitamin C powder” because of its high vitamin C levels. But why does it matter? As you all know, oxidative activities are caused by any potential factors, such as pollutants, chemicals, illnesses, or radiation. Vitamin C is an essential and potent vitamin with antioxidant properties to protect your hair follicles against free radicals. Not only that, but the vitamin C from acerola cherries also stimulates the delivery and absorption of iron. Reportedly, its vitamin C can be absorbed by the body quicker compared to synthetic vitamin C, making these cherries healthy alternatives.

2. It also has other antioxidants for hair follicle protection.

Vitamin C isn't the only weapon against hair growth issues. There are other phenolic compounds such as flavonoids and carotenoids that can also help thwart free radical damage. Flavonoids work by preventing the 5α-reductase, an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Unfortunately, your hair follicles are put at risk when too much DHT is produced. This potent androgen can bind your hair follicles and shrink them in the long run, causing hair regrowth issues and inducing hair loss.

3. It encourages collagen production that benefits hair growth.

The cosmetic industry has always acknowledged the power of collagen to keep your hair and skin in their best condition. Collagen is a vital and abundant protein that makes up most of your hair and skin structures. Without adequate collagen in the body, your skin will become wrinkly and saggy, and your hair strands will thin and fall out until you’ve got no hair left on your head and other body parts. That is how important collagen is for your health. Thanks to acerola cherry’s vitamin C content, it will be easier to stimulate collagen production for both your hair and skin.

4. It may reduce your stress levels which can benefit your hair follicles.

When your cortisol (stress hormones) levels continuously fluctuate, they can affect your hair follicle growth. Hence, your mood needs to be normalized so that you can avoid getting stressed. In this case, acerola cherry powder’s vitamin C can do you a great favor. As a matter of fact, many studies have discovered how vitamin-C treatments can stabilize the human body’s stress response, deregulating cortisol production to avoid stress-induced issues like hair loss.

5It is said to have antifungal properties.

Treating dandruff problems is never a no-brainer. Your scalp needs to be treated with the most effective and safest ingredients regardless of the price and availability. Acerola cherry extract has antifungal properties that can maintain your scalp’s healthy environment.

how to use acerola cherry powder for hair

7 Easy-Peasy Ways to Benefit from Acerola Cherry Powder

Allow your hair to benefit from acerola cherry powder by doing any of these hair care hacks. 

1. Pouring acerola cherry powder in shakes and smoothies

Acerola cherries taste sweet. Hence, it would be even tastier to add its powder form as a natural sweetener in your favorite shake or smoothie. You will consume a healthy dose of vitamin C and gain other nutrients from your favorite cold beverage.

2. Sweetening your favorite breakfast oatmeal

Fruit slices aren’t the only toppings you can add to your much-loved breakfast meal. In fact, adding cherry powder can also enhance the sweetness of your favorite oatmeal.

3. Using acerola cherry powder for creating salad dressings

Some people prefer a mixture of sweetness and sourness in your homemade salad dressing, and if you are one of them, then acerola cherry powder might be the one for your taste buds. It is a healthy ingredient for dips, sauces, and dressings. Just mix a dash of this powder into your dipping concoction, or you may add even more depending on your preference.

4. Baking cakes, pastries, and desserts with acerola cherry powder

Eating desserts does not need to be your guilty pleasure when you can easily bake and eat sweet desserts made with acerola cherry powder. As mentioned earlier, this powder can serve as a flavor enhancer with a tinge of sweetness.

5. Mixing acerola cherry powder into your hair mask concoction

Hair mask treatments are deep-nourishing treatments that cater to your hair’s intensive needs, especially on dryness, frizz, split ends, and even thinning. Most hair mask mixtures include essential oils, coconut milk, mashed bananas, and egg yolks. To amplify the benefits that your hair will get, you may add a few scoops of acerola cherry powder into your DIY or pre-made hair mask concoction. Make sure to measure it to avoid exposing your hair and scalp to too much vitamin C. 

6. Creating your DIY hair-and-scalp scrub with acerola cherry powder

Hair scrubs help eliminate any remaining residue and remove dead skin cells on the scalp. If you want your scalp to absorb vitamin C, you may mix a few teaspoons of acerola cherry powder into your DIY hair scrub mixture.

7. Adding acerola cherry powder to your favorite hair growth shampoo

You can also modify your current hair growth shampoo based on your present hair care needs. You can help your hair absorb the vitamin-C content by pouring a dash of acerola cherry powder into your shampoo solution. You may also melt the powder in lukewarm water first before adding the liquid into your shampoo solution.

Is Acerola Cherry Powder Safe for Human Consumption?

Acerola cherry powder is a natural alternative. However, high levels of vitamin C in your system can trigger unwanted ramifications such as heartburn, vomiting, and even diarrhea. Therefore, it would be best not to eat too many acerola cherries. But don’t worry; acerola cherry is safe when used for topical and hair treatments. Acerola cherries are well-known astringent ingredients that help heal skin-related issues like blemishes, wrinkles, sun spots, and scars. 

Power Up Your Hair Care Regimen with Acerola Cherry Powder.

Acerola cherries are not fruits to be taken for granted. They are super-rich in vitamin C and can offer many benefits for your hair and skin improvements. You can eat them and combine them with your favorite foods and beverages. However, acerola cherries aren’t easy to find; they might not be locally available or not grow in some places. Therefore, you can obtain it from the market and use it to revamp your hair care arsenal. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the acerola cherry powder from the shelf and start your hair growth rejuvenation today.

Get Your Fair Share of Hair Vitamins from Supplements.

Your favorite shampoo and conditioner might not be enough to combat common hair growth issues since hair growth works internally and externally. You can’t just grow healthy strands without ensuring your body’s nutrient adequacy. To secure maximum and high-quality hair growth, get your fair share of vitamin C and other vitamins for hair growth from supplements with acerola cherry powder.