15 Haircare Tips to Look Younger

15 Helpful Hair Care Tips for Youthful Appearance

Aging is inescapable. You can't deny the fact that your appearance can affect how you see and feel about yourself. While you grow older, you will also start noticing irreversible physical changes. As early as 25, you may begin to feel aging with the appearance of fine lines on your face and hair strands on the floor. Menopausal and postmenopausal women will also feel adverse changes in their outer appearance, especially on their hair and skin. They may notice sun spots and wrinkles on their face and even start losing hair strands.
But don’t fret, for you can still delay these signs of aging. What is even better is having the opportunity to regain your youthful look which can begin with a simple hair care regimen. In what ways can your hair make you look younger? What haircare steps should you do to get that glowing and youthful appearance you've always desired? Find out the following hair care tips to make you appear younger than your actual age.

15 Hair Care Tips to Make Your Appearance Youthful than Ever

Hair is an important asset; it adds beauty to your overall physical appearance. A person also looks younger when he or she has voluminous hair. Unfortunately, having hair growing on some body parts can also make you look more matured, especially for men. Therefore, proper hair care and management are essential in preserving your youthful appearance. Check out and follow these hair care tips to make yourself look younger.

1. Sport shorter haircuts.

A good haircut will matter if you aim to have a youthful vibe. Hence, if you want to look and feel younger, opt to sport a short haircut, such as short bobs and pixie cuts. 
Having short hair emphasizes your upper face, such as the eyes, eyebrows, and cheekbones. In some way, accentuating these facial features lifts your face, giving you a more radiant and youthful look. On the other hand, sporting long hairstyles also mean that your hair appears vertically, pulling your face down. 

2. Shave your beard and mustache.

Beards and mustaches can amplify a man's masculinity, but facial hair could also showcase his maturity or adulthood. Some women also have facial hair, which is normal. However, shaving your beard, goatee and mustache will give you a fresh appearance and even an impression that you’ve never aged. 

3. Choose warm tones for your hair color. 

Nowadays, ash-colored dyes are trendy among women. However, beauty experts suggest opting for warmer tones for a youthful appearance since dyeing your hair with ash-grey or ash-blonde might be mistaken as grey hair, indicating the aging process.

4. Avoid prolonged sun exposure.

The light from the sun has ultraviolet rays, which can be damaging for your tresses in the long run. In some cases, the UV rays can hasten the hair growth cycle, leading to premature hair shedding and even androgenetic alopecia. Prolonged exposure to the sun's heat can also cause hair dryness, and it doesn’t contribute to your anti-aging regimen. Hence, it would be best to apply sunscreen serums to your hair and wear hats to protect your hair against sun exposure.

Brushing your hair can make your appearance younger

5. Brush your hair more often.

Hormones can adversely affect sebum production, which usually happens during women’s menopausal and postmenopausal stages. As a result, they tend to experience having dry hair. To help distribute the natural oils on your scalp, brush your hair frequently and gently. You may also brush up your hair with your hand from time to time, but ensure that you’ve washed thoroughly to prevent bacterial build-up on your scalp.

6. Moisturize your locks with a hair conditioner every day.

It’s not enough to rely on your scalp’s sebum production, especially when you’re already aging. Applying conditioners to your hair can keep your hair in its pristine condition by preserving its moisture, smooth your strands’ outer surface, and protect them against external damage. Therefore, include the best hair conditioner in your hair care regimen and use it religiously for softer, smoother, bouncier, and healthier locks.

7. Groom and thicken your eyebrows.

Eyebrows are also essential assets that contribute to our physical appearance. Your brows also help frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Hence, it would be better to thicken your eyebrows for emphasis. However, if you don't have thick eyebrow hair, you can use eyebrow hair growth serums to stimulate hair growth. You can also fill in the gaps on your brows to make them look thicker.
On the other hand, men and women who have already been blessed with thick eyebrows can focus on grooming their eyebrows. Removing unnecessary eyebrow hair strands and shaping your brows will help you attain a fresher and younger appearance.

8. Let your hair loose from time to time.

Wearing a ponytail can make you look young, but tying your hair may strain your strands. As a result, you may suffer from traction alopecia, a type of hair loss problem, which won’t make you look any younger. Hence, don’t be afraid to let your hair down. 

9. Use volumizing products for extra volume.

Thinning hair is one of the inevitable things that may occur while aging. However, you can still do something to make your hair look ten times thicker than it actually is. But don’t worry, for science can attest to how these products add volume. In general, volumizing products are applied to “lift” your strands, making your hair more volumized. Some of these products also have ingredients that prevent sticking on the strands since sebum can weigh your hair down and make your tresses appear flatter than usual.

Dyeing your hair with natural color for youthful appearance

10. Dye your hair with your hair’s natural color.

Grey hair strands popping out? Don’t worry, for you’ve got hair dyes as the answer to your problem. For some people, the appearance of grey or white hair can lower their self-esteem, knowing that these types of hair strands are the common indicators of aging. They can try concealing those strands by dyeing their hair with their hair’s natural color. However, ensure that your hair dye is free from harmful chemicals that may trigger hair growth issues and make matters worse.

11. Sport long fringes on the side instead of having straight bangs.

Having long fringes can soften your facial appearance by hiding your facial fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. Those loose hair strands on the sides also help highlight your eyes and cheekbones, giving you the young and sexy look you’ve always wanted.

12. Stay away from stress.

Your hair condition can also worsen when you are stressed. Stress can affect hair growth in various ways. Besides causing the appearance of wrinkles on your face, stress can also induce hair loss. Stress hormones can push your anagen or growing hair follicles to take a good rest in the telogen phase. Unfortunately, this shift can cause hair shedding and even hair loss if not treated immediately. Stress can also increase the androgens in your body, which can also trigger hair loss problems. 

Therefore, stress management is essential to keep aging signs at bay. Women, regardless of age, can do some meditative activities such as yoga to prevent stress build-up. Other physical activities like walking, running, jogging, biking, and swimming can also help prevent mental stress.

13. Become wary of what you eat and how much you consume.

What you eat affects your physical appearance in the long run. Some of your everyday foods, such as starchy products, processed meats, caffeinated beverages, and dairy products, can hasten your body’s aging process. These delicious yet unhealthy foods have components that can shrink hair growth cells and dehydrate hair strands, thereby leading to brittle, dry, and dull hair. Thus, minimize your consumption of these foods and focus more on eating healthy ones, such as vegetables and fruits. 

14. Observe a healthy hair care regimen.

Your hair is an important feature of your appearance, and taking good care of your hair isn’t on a one-time basis. You should always use your hair growth products consistently, and avoid doing the things that can damage your tresses so that you can maintain your hair’s healthy-looking and ageless appearance.

15. Embrace all signs of aging. 

Your mentality on aging matters the most. There are some things we cannot prevent from happening, such as aging. We can delay or mitigate its physical changes, but we can never skip aging. When you learn to embrace your flaws and start being confident with those bodily changes, your confidence begins to manifest in your outward appearance. As a result, you appear more youthful, sassy, and sexy in the eyes of many people.

Keep Your Youthful Radiance by Caring for Your Hair.

Aging is a beautiful process of ending life. However, you don’t have to experience its worst effects. The secret to appearing ageless is having a healthy body and mindset. Therefore, learn how to age gracefully by living a healthy lifestyle and preserve your youthful radiance by taking good care of your hair.

Enjoy that Youthful Feeling Through Your Hair.

You will feel ten years younger if you have thick and healthy-looking locks. Therefore, start your journey towards redeeming your youthful look by using hair growth products that stimulate hair growth, prevent thinning hair and inhibit hair loss problems. Don’t forget to take your hair vitamins for additional growth-boosting nutrients.