11 hair colors that will make you look younger

11 Hair Colors That Will Bring Your Youthful Look Back

For most women, maintaining their youthful appearance is essential. Because of this desire, they willingly spend on clothes, products, and treatments. However, it isn't simply about the physical appearance. Being healthy on the inside manifests on the outside, showing little to no signs of aging. Hence, when you look young, it means you are a healthy person. Knowing this would make you even more confident about yourself.
Unfortunately, not all anti-aging treatments are as cheap as you think. But don’t worry, for you can still make yourself look younger by dyeing your hair. Yes, you’ve read it right. Hair coloring can help you achieve a younger-looking appearance. However, you can’t simply use any color. You have to ensure that it suits your hairstyle and skin tone. 
Find out 11 of the best hair colors that will make you look and feel youthful and revitalized once again.

 Hair coloring mistakes that can make you look old

11 Hair Colors That Will Make Your Appearance Youthful 

Here are the 11 best hair colors (in no particular order) that are suitable for your youthful transformation.


1. Warm or Golden Highlights

If you aren't ready for a full-hair coloring session, you may start with having some highlights. It would also be less damaging to your hair since you won’t need to put much dye on your scalp. Golden highlights will look good for everyone, even for dark-haired women. They add texture, volumizing your hair, and also help accentuate your complexion, regardless of skin color. 

2. Honey Blonde

Warm colors help make you look younger, and honey blonde has a warm color tone. It is a mixture of golden and caramel-colored hues, and it perfectly befits women with fair skin, making them look like natural blondies. But don’t worry, for women with medium or dark-colored tresses and women with medium-to-dark skin tones would also look beautiful and young with this hair color.


3. Warm Chocolate Brown

Many hairstylists would not recommend dark-toned hair dyes for those women desiring to look ten years younger. However, if you want to stick with having a neutral color, you may try a warm chocolate brown color. As mentioned earlier, warmer tones make you look younger, and increasing your brown hair color’s saturation would revamp your total look. This hair color will also highlight your skin complexion, making you look radiant and young-looking.


4. Caramel-Toned Brown 

The caramel brown hair color matches those women sporting long tresses. This color helps accentuate your skin complexion, giving you a brighter appearance. Women who are “morena” or brown-skinned would absolutely look great in this particular hair color. Sporting some caramel highlights also helps soften your facial features, giving you a subtle look. 

5. Golden Balayage


The highlighting technique balayage is a popular hair coloring style among celebrities. When you dye your hair, you do not use foils anymore. You can sweep the dye product on your strands to create highlights. Hence, a golden balayage would also suit the taste of women who opt to color their hair for a vibrant and youthful appearance. The admixture of golden streaks helps emphasize and brighten your skin, drifting your eyes away from wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs.


6. Warm Beige Blonde

Ash-tinted hair is not the best option for women desiring a younger-looking aura. Contrary to this styling technique, warm beige blonde is a hair color that matches the taste of those who formerly want ash colors. The warmth of the beige color balances the paleness of the blonde tint, giving you well-saturated hair color, and it will especially look fantastic on ladies with wavy or short hair.


7. Golden Blonde Ombre

Ombre is a two-toned coloring technique that involves the copious application of the lightener on your hair, allowing the full-color transition of the hues from roots to ends. With this technique, your hair becomes more vibrant-looking. Blonde ombre can sometimes look pale, depending on the skin color. Therefore, to give more vibrancy, a golden blonde ombre would help you achieve your desire to look youthful. The golden blonde ombre dye also helps add texture and volume to your hair (signs of healthy hair), plus it naturally defines your facial features.


8. Chestnut Brown Lowlights

Light-haired, especially blonde women, may opt to add darker streaks to their hair. Don’t worry, for lowlights won’t make you look older. In fact, lowlights are the opposites of highlights – you use darker colors instead. The contrast between your light-colored hair and the darker streaks helps enhance your fine hair by adding extra depth and texture to your tresses.


9. Chestnut Brown Highlights

Women with medium-to-dark skin tones can also flex their complexions proudly if they dye their hair with chestnut-brown highlights. Remember that highlights work best with darker shades, such as brown and black, and the opposing shades of color help create depth and volume on one’s hair. 


10. Strawberry Blonde

Golden, caramel, and chocolate brown colors are not the only hues that can make you look younger. In fact, the strawberry blonde color is popular among women nowadays, for many female celebrities such as Emma Stone, Isla Fisher, and Blake Lively have sported this attractive hair color. Many women can benefit from this hair dye, especially brunettes and redheads. It also helps fair-skinned or pale-skinned women to emphasize their complexion, and it would help accentuate your blue or green eyes. Ultimately, adding golden highlights makes your appearance even fresher and brighter.


11. Black Hair

Contrary to most beliefs, the black hair color can actually make you youthful. However, you have to consider its color tone. If the color is too dark, it can become too saturated enough to emphasize thinning hair. Darker shades of black can give off a strong vibe. Hence, it would be best to dye your hair with a soft black color to give you a subtle look and soften your facial features.


Hair coloring mistakes that make you look old
Hair Coloring Mistakes That Can Hasten Your Aging Appearance

Choosing the most suitable hair color can make a big difference in your appearance, for it can instantly make you look ten years younger. However, constant dyeing of your hair can also be detrimental in the long run, for it can also affect your look. Here are some hair coloring mistakes you should take into account to prevent damaging your hair.


1. Skipping hair assessment

Don't jump into the water without testing it. Before trying any hair dye, it would be best to assess your hair’s current condition first. Every person differs in hair length, texture, density, and thickness, and these properties can affect the result of the hair coloring process.


2. Applying the dye wrongly

Some women would opt to dye their hair in their homes without doing any thorough research on hair coloring. This lack of knowledge and practice can lead to an erroneous hair color application. You could either follow the incorrect order of the steps or apply a bit or excessive amount of ingredients, and these hair care mistakes should never happen.


3. Bleaching your hair

Hair bleaching is the chemical process for lightening or "whitening" your hair strands, and this treatment is vital in hair dyeing. The more frequently you color your hair with lighter shades or brighter hues, the more recurrent hair bleaching happens. Not only can it endanger your scalp, but bleaching can make your hair super dry. Bleach is also a hazardous chemical that can burn your eyes and skin if you aren't careful. 


4. Using dyes with harmful chemicals

Bleaching isn’t the only hair treatment considered to be perilous. As a matter of fact, hair dyeing can harm your tresses, especially when you use dye products made with toxic chemicals, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and p-phenylenediamine. These ingredients can burn your scalp, activate allergies, dry your hair strands, and may even trigger hair thinning and hair loss problems.


5. Frequent hair dyeing

As much as you’d like to try all the hair colors existing in the world, your hair also needs a break from all the harsh chemicals you’ve applied to it. No matter how “strong” your hair strands are, it would still be best to wait for four to eight weeks before doing a full-blown hair coloring treatment again. You can use hair shampoos that also help preserve the richness of your newly dyed hair, but make sure that they’re also toxic-free.

The Best Way to Look Young is To Care for Your Hair.

A change in your hair color can overhaul your overall appearance, boosting your confidence and allowing you to enjoy life more than ever. However, accompanying this hair care practice is your responsibility to take good care of your lovely tresses. Therefore, practice good hair care habits, avoid too many chemical treatments, and only use products that are not only hair-friendly but also helpful enough to achieve thicker, healthier, softer, and younger-looking locks.

Fight the Signs of Aging by Thickening Your Hair.

Hair coloring is a game-changer. However, dyeing your hair is not the only way to address your aging appearance, for hair dyes won’t address your thinning hair problems. Therefore, revamp your hair care regimen by using a hair-thickening shampoo that will amplify your hair volume and make it look ten times thicker.