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Hydrolyzed Lupine Proves Efficient Against Female Pattern Baldness

There are numerous hair care products that promise you will be able to get rid of hair loss, but not all of them deliver on that promise. It is up to you to identify the ones that help with limiting and even eliminating hair loss. Female pattern baldness occurs as women grow old, and it is usually caused by DHT, a derivative substance of testosterone, the male sexual hormone. When you are searching for products that can really help against this type of hair loss, search for an ingredient called hydrolyzed lupine. This protein is said to be able to reduce hair loss in both men and women, and it is especially helpful with hair loss caused by DHT.

Where does hydrolyzed lupine come from?

First of all, it needs to be said that this is a naturally occurring ingredient and it is obtained from lupine, a plant that used to be utilized by ancient civilizations for treating signs of aging. From the seeds produced by this plant, an essential oil is obtained, and this oil is rich in hydrolyzed lupine. The main role of the protein present in this essential oil is to rejuvenate, and, as a result, it can fight hair loss, by rejuvenating your hair follicles.

It is very important that the amount of hydrolyzed lupine is enough to help with such a purpose. So, even if you may find products that contain this protein on their list of ingredients, they may not be the best solution for treating hair loss caused by DHT. You need a good source and a fair amount of this protein to truly offer your hair the support it needs. Imagine it as a treatment for hair conditioning that can nourish your hair and make it shiny and healthy once again.

The way hydrolyzed lupine interacts with DHT

As already mentioned, female pattern baldness, just like male pattern baldness, is caused by the presence of DHT on hair follicles. A derivative of the male hormone called testosterone, this molecule is capable of thinning your hair and making it fall. Fortunately, hydrolyzed lupine is quite a redoubtable fighter against DHT.

In other words, this protein is capable of neutralizing DHT; even more so, it blocks it, so you will have less DHT present on your hair follicles. As a result, the testosterone derivative will not be able to lead to consequences such as hair loss.

How to use it against hair loss

Things are easier than you may think. No one will recommend ingesting large quantities of this protein, so you can stop DHT from the inside. What you should do, for maximum results, is to apply enough of it on your scalp. This can be done with the help of hair care products that are rich in this ingredient. Once the protein gets on the areas that are commonly affected by DHT, it will drive it away, therefore giving your hair follicles a well deserved breather, so they can grow healthy and vigorous again.

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